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8 thoughts on “Some Day’s Shall Not be Forgot

  1. I have been watching a few documentaries just lately regarding the Japanese lead up to the attack on Pearl Harbour, fascinating stuff.

    We watched the movie “Midway” at the weekend, superb.

  2. Today’s the day I see the Pure Blood badge on the website, and for sale. What does this badge signify?

    1. Did you watch that yourself, Patrick? There was no mention of PureBlood. Can you attempt to explain again?

      I listened to that and I’d happily discuss with David where he has got basic maths wrong in two key areas. But, he no longer frequents these pages. Frankly it’s embarrassing – he really has fallen down the conspiracy rabbit hole.

      The only thing that caught my interest of late on this website and that’s the PureBlood symbol, which smacks of a lot of things. None of which are nice. Maybe you’ll try to explain again… preferably without a link. Now, I do understand it might have been someone other than yourself that is displaying the PureBlood symbol on the website, and may be nothing to do with you.

  3. shoot no sorry smcgiff I thought I gave you the right link
    I’ll find the right one for you and get it up, but the gist of it is Your Blood is Pure of the Vaccine.
    I agree with what you are saying, I would not use the Term Pure Blood, because immediately here it’s a cry of Skin Heads and Aryans, but I dismissed it’s use here as my common problem of Americans and Brits being separated by a common language overlayed by only a semi-common culture.
    Over there you can say things and use expressions that we just could never say here. Such as Savages from the savage lands, even little things like a Fag is definitely not a cigarette over here and the word is on the list of the verboten.
    Pure Blood as David used and is using it means your blood is free of any of these vaccines.

  4. Ah, thanks. I’ve looked it up. Seems a tiktok meme based on Harry Potter. So, it’s just outrageously cringe rather than outrageous 😉

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