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Excuse the intemperate headline, I’m English, not used to these alien ways. The judge would understand.

Dunno about you, but I’ve just about had enough cultural enrichment. The ruling class, safe in their nice homes, some guarded by men with guns, have turned large swathes of what was a civilised land into an increasingly Third World craphole. You’re not supposed to say so, but screw that. Some will notice that this racist crime, committed against a white woman in England, was not regarded as such by the court. It’s not the first time this week the ruling class has chosen not to apply their own laws.

Others will notice that Emma West, she of that video, has had her child abducted and been remanded in custody for words she said. She did not physically attack anyone, or pull out clumps of hair, or kick anyone in the head, but she’s been locked away – not convicted of any crime – because she used heretical words against official orthodoxy, one of the high crimes in unfree Britain today.

Well, screw that. Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, reminds us today in a piece about Emma West that one way in which the ruling class wins arguments is by “its insistence on rules of debate that place opposition at a regular disadvantage”. This is done, he says, “not only because England is an increasingly totalitarian place, but also because the main legitimation ideologies are all obviously false and cannot be exposed to open criticism”.

In other words, you are required to hold your tongue, say only what is allowed and wave goodbye to your country and heritage. Well, screw that.

UPDATE: DV has posted on this upstairs. Comments there please.

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  1. The incarceration of Emma West is purely political and the dunderhead magistrates should themselves be inturned for such a disgraceful act. Whilst I do not agree with her views* some of my own ideas are probably heretical to the state, so I guess I will see one or two of you in the re-education camps.

    I do know Miss West has never taken us into a war on a pack of lies and sent people to die pointless deaths, nor has she killed civilians with air strikes, nor is she looking around for more wars to interefere in, nor has she promised referendums only to walk away from the committment, nor wasted billions on vanity projects, nor thrown millions into avoidable poverty. She has never put a gun in anyone’s face and demanded tax money, nor hectored anyone for smoking, or drinking or eating naughty foods, nor smoking herbs that the state doesn’t like.

    No, she was just a put-upon woman having a bad day. There are many people who should be in jail today, but she is not one of ’em.

    With luck, I will be on the jury.

    (*Fundamentally, that there has been too much immigration, rather colourfully expressed, and no-one asked her views in an election on the subject nor allowed her to meaningfully vote on it, so I presume she is just supposed to shut up?)

  2. The jailing of Emma West is absurd. If some copper had been around and just reported, or even filmed, her rant, she would be at home now. But because the cell-phone film was put on YouTube and “went viral”, there is now so much shock and tut-tutting in society that the judge is scared to do anything but jail her. Whatever about the welfare of the child on her lap, it’s a digrace that she’ll be in custody for at least a month for something that harmed nobody.

    The lame, official, excuse that the court is only protecting her from the big world outside is a joke.

  3. A simple fine – £60 or similar – then out would have been enough. But Emma West is now a political prisoner and is being subject to dark psychiatry in the same manner as applied in the Soviet Union. This is quite worrying.

  4. “A simple fine – £60 or similar – then out”

    Don’t tell me I’m being out-flanked by Allan on the anti-right front?

    I don’t think she should be fined at all. As obnoxious as she was – and being so loudly obnoxious with a child on your knee really takes the biscuit – she didn’t do anyone any harm really (apart from her son). In the context and the way she was speaking, she was more amusing than annoying. I’d say the same if I were black.

    Actually these kind of outbursts from the uncouth are what you have to deal with as a foreigner sometimes. Not to be taken too seriously, part of the price to be paid for living in a different country. Look, I’ve got more abuse on ATW several times, and I come here voluntarily!

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