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As you know, the Northern Ireland “Equality Commission” put its full weight and £30,000 of our taxes behind the gay activist who wanted to take Ashers Bakery to court. But their tenacity seems less than robust in another circumstance…

The Equality Commission has decided not to exert any further pressure to change the name of a Newry playground named after an IRA gunman. 

The commission has told the News Letter that it is “disappointed” that Newry and Mourne District Council did not change the name of the playground – named after IRA hunger striker Raymond McCreesh – but that it will not be taking any further action, after seven years of correspondence with the local authority.

So, gay birthday cakes = move heaven and earth to get a legal result, IRA tributes masquerading as a children’s playwark, not so much. The truth is that this “Equality Commission” is an Orwellian quango with a very particular political enforcing role that ensures it sustains inequality when it is convenient.

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