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Well, it’s been a BUSY year here on ATW.

Top-line. We have posted 4580 items for your consideration. I reckon we must be one of the most prolific blogs on the net. We have had 1.7m hits over the year and a dedicated monthly unique readership of some 50,000 folks, from around the world.

I wanted to say a few words about my fellow writers.

First, the Brits. Pete Moore has been a stalwart on ATW in 2009 and has produced excellent posts on a range of issues, with the economy being a particular strength. Mike Cunningham has published hist first book and I will be reviewing it in January. Andrew McCann continues to be an anchor on ATW providing some very thoughtful commentary. Alison posted earlier in the year and was key to the redesign of the site, her presence is missed by me in these latter months but I understand the reasons.

Stateside, it’s been a strong year. On the East coast, we have the erudite Mahons who has consistently delivered astute and witty content. It was my good fortune to meet him in October and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for ATW. I am convinced I will persuade him to become a cheer-leader for “Palin in 2012”! Phantom has also been busy this year posting on the blog and has made a really positive impact. It was my pleasure to meet him again this year, and his larger than life presence is much appreciated. Then there is the power-house of Grizzly Mama and Troll – my dear old friends who I met some years ago now. I always enjoy their honest and gutsy contributions to ATW. Moving across the State, Daphne has moved on in 2009 but still visits us and she is always insightful, witty, and classy. Then moving to to West Coast, we have the elegant and decent Patty. Her posts are another plus on the blog and it was my pleasure to finally get to meet her. She is as charming in real life as in her writings.

And then – there is YOU, dear reader. You are what makes this all worthwhile and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for clicking the button and coming here! Without you, this would be much less interesting so a shout out you, as Obama might say.

2010 will prove to be a challenge for us as we seek to keep ATW in a league all of it’s own. I can guarantee it will bring further change in ways you may not expect but hey, that’s part of the fun.

So – to all those who come here – supporters and critics – many thanks for 2009!

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14 thoughts on “SOME TANGLED STATS!

  1. David –

    A tribute to you also. Despite a hectic life you still manage to keep the posts coming.

    A sterling performance for which I’m full of admiration.

  2. Fully agree, it’s the juxtaposition of my politics with that of the majority of ATWer’s that keeps me coming back.

    Blain ur faoi mhaise daoibhsa –

    A Happy New Year to one and all. May 2010 be as fruitful as 2009 was.

  3. It’s been a pleasure, I’ve loved reading some of the articles here and look forward to 2010’s offerings.

  4. The writers are a great bunch, but all kudos to you, David.

    Your output is simply phenomenal, and your posts always manage to be fresh, entertaining and well written, even when you’re obviously under pressure.

    Apart from that, it’s your warm and humorous presence that makes this site what it is.

    It’s always wonderful to see the spark of humanity shining out through the political lunatic!

  5. Brilliant job to all and look forward to reading ATW another year when I get back from visiting family here early in the new year. So as we head off soon, Happy new year to one and all.

  6. Happy New Year! Although I was disappointed with the small number of posts against gay marriage, the NI peace process, the Obama Administration, Global Warming and the Islamic religion.

  7. Obviously Mahons favours all of the above mentioned in his tongue-in-cheek post. But how can he favour the islamic religion AND gay marriage. Mahons, please clarify.

  8. This is still one of the best blogs out there. God bless everyone with a prosperous and joyful New Year!


  9. Well done, David. ATW remains a cracking good read, and your prolific posting is the main reason. Also, Andrew McCann has delivered lots of thoughtful and incisive articles (though I vehemently disagree with Andrew’s policy not to allow comments – his stated reason of "not allowing Irish Republicans to tarnish his posts" is a totally invalid argument, in my opinion: if you want to put your opinion out there, then you ought to allow dissenters to have their say, that is the very essence of blogging, but, hey-ho, there you go, each to his own, I suppose). Also Pete Moore has done some sterling stuff on here, particularly when DV was on holiday, he took command and kept the blog going.
    I also like Mike C’s very thoughtful posts, and as for Mahons, what can I say? He possesses such a hilarious dry wit and a superb talent for writing, that I adore his every post, even though I disagree with his politics. His recent post about the "morning after the Christmas party" had me falling on the floor in a state of incontinence that I can’t remember since I watched "Fawlty Towers" for the first time, many years ago.

  10. Andrew McCann continues to be an anchor on ATW providing some very thoughtful commentary.

    David are you drunk. McCanns writings on this board are a mixture of vile sectarian bigotry and racism that helps put this blog in the gutter. Your decision to let this oxygen thief spout this crap without the right of reply does you no favours either. A bit of New Year advice enable comments on McCanns posts or get rid of him he does this blog no favours.

  11. Just want to add my full admiration to David and all the regulars and writers here. Here’ s hoping David achieves what I guess will be his blogging dream for 2010 – A guest post by …. ?

    (i will leave the answer to others)

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