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Here is bribery by the Clinton’s, through the Clinton Foundation at the hands of Bill Clinton on a deal signed off on by: the Attorney General, the Secretaries of Treasury, Defense, Home Land Security, Commerce and Energy, and of course the Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton.  To give Control of one fifth of Americas Uranium to the Russians.

The most horrifying 10 mins anyone who believes in right and wrong could watch. In the Arena of So Called Lawful Government anyway.

If this is what it looks like the Clinton’s should be behind bars, but the WHOLE Obama Cabinet is complicit. If not criminally then for just severe stupidity.

This is real. The Obama Regime allowed the Russian Government to BUY a 5th of our Uranium Reserves. It’s outrageous if you made this up no one would believe it.

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13 thoughts on “Somebody needs to go to jail

  1. Mahons you said you voted for Hillary last time. Do you have the decency to watch this 10 min piece and give your honest view on whether or not you view the story to be credible or not?

    The invitation goes out to you to Phantom and anyone else. I put all partisanship aside I have no desire to debate the story. I would like to hear real views on this even if your view is it’s rightwing conspiracy. Just explain why.

  2. Troll (and our other Americans):

    Do you think there is any chance that Hillary might have to pull out because of this?
    Maybe one scandal too many?

  3. Jail is for the little people, as Gen. David Petraeus might be thinking tonight.

    The Clintons are as bad as they come. No-one can deny that. But if the press and power elite decide that she’s got the gig then there’s not a thing her enemies and opposition can do to damage her.

    Obama’s scandals are enough to bring down a dozen regimes but the GOP can’t land a punch. They needn’t have bothered trying.

    Listen, this isn’t about right and wrong and justice. This is about politics, via which the power elites gain mega-billions of other people’s money. If they’re invested in H. Clinton then she’s teflon.

  4. The answer to that Peter is we shall have to wait and see. If it was anyone else I would say definitely. This however is the Clinton’s.

    The rules do not apply to them, she will never pull out the question is will the rest of the Democrats support her. They will never leave by their own volition.

    The real decision will be dictated by how many people on all sides view this as a matter of right and wrong. If it’s viewed as politics then no.

    The thing is this isn’t just Bill and Hillary Graft this concerns the Russians gaining control of 20% of our Uranium. Which can’t be undone, this is an embarrassment and now a problem for the Administration also.

    They violated an official mandate of her job and covered up 145 Million Dollars from a foreign country.

    Did you watch the clip? You can also read it in the NYT this is no rightwing attack they got caught with their pants down, does the Left and the Press care about ethics at all is what will decide the answer.

  5. Jail is for the little people

    Yes, when I saw the title to this post I thought it referred to the criminals on Wall Street. They also act with impunity.

  6. When the real heat comes on Hillary, she will say ” you are only giving me a hard time because I am a woman ”

    Bet on it.

  7. Did you watch the clip?

    Yes, but it only gives one side. The Clinton supporter’s reply is not there.

    But I agree it looks bad. And who knows what else is waiting to emerge?

  8. the Clinton supporter no lie took 7 mins to say it was A) a right wing conspiracy, and B)Wait for it…… it was Bush’s fault.

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