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The Leveson Inquiry seems to have created some strange and nasty echoes in the land which used to be described as ‘The Lucky Country’.

The Leftist Australian Labour Party has apparently teamed up with the extreme Leftist Greens and initiated what can only be described as the Aussie version of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. They wish to establish a News Media Council, funded by Government, headed by a judge, with the members presumably recruited from the Print Unions.  Retired Federal Court Judge Roy Finkelstein wrote the report, and the Labour Party loves it

The council would have power to alter or permanently ban articles. Disobedience would result in a fine or imprisonment for contempt of court, and there would be no appeal. As well as having the power to ban articles, the council would have the power to compel media to publish responses to stories.

Now get this: its jurisdiction would extend not merely to newspapers — which would be outrageous enough — but also to any website. Perhaps even if it was visited by only one or two people a day. Finkelstein says its jurisdiction should cover websites which get more than 15,000 hits a year, or an average of 41 a day, that is, practically every website that could be described as publishing “news, information and opinion of current value.”

Keith Windschuttle, editor of the conservative magazine Quadrant,has written  defiantly:

If this oppressive scheme is ever implemented, we would feel compelled to defend the long tradition of press freedom by engaging in civil disobedience. While ever I am editor,Quadrant would not recognize the News Media Council’s authority, we would not observe its restrictions, and we would not obey its instructions, whatever the price. We hope other publishers will take a similar stand.

Good on you; Mate!

A thought struck me as I finished this small post, and it is this; ‘Wouldn’t our home-grown bunch of cripple-minded politicians, of all and any hue, just love to get their greasy hands around a British Media Council’? They would be having wet dreams on the hour!

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2 thoughts on “Something stirs ‘Down Under’

  1. Well hopefully the robust Aussie media in all formats will endeavour to not give a XXXX for this arrogant political controlling dictat.

  2. Australia is one of the most controlled media environments in the West, especially among the English speaking areas, film censorship is pretty bad and only last year a conservative newspaper columnist was prosecuted and convicted for pointing out that a lot of self proclaimed Aboriginal spokespeople are in fact white- as is obvious to anyone who has eyes, except Elizabeth Warren perhaps.

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