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Everyone is losing their minds that Crazy Joe has said for the 3rd time in Public that he will defend Taiwan with Military Force. Even his own staff is trying to say he isn’t saying what he is very plainly saying. He will use force for Taiwan.

Sometimes it’s good to be seen as not playing with all your marbles. Now most Presidents when they do this, and many have is due directly as part of who they are. Everyone believed Nixon, Reagan, & Trump were crazy, and if pushed wouldn’t hesitate to use Military Force. The unspoken threat was always there with all three, so it was taken seriously.

In President Biden’s case it’s scares the Chinese for a different reason. They lost their minds today when he said it for the third time while standing on stage with the Prime Minister of Japan.

China on Monday expressed outrage at President Joe Biden’s apparent break from America’s prior policy of “strategic ambiguity” regarding Taiwan, blasting his assertion that the U.S. would militarily defend the island nation if Beijing invaded.

Now why would they react that way now, this is not the first time he said it. Now he did say it in China’s front yard standing with Japan’s leader who has publicly been calling for the U.S. to openly make that commitment, but hey it’s Joe he don’t know who he’s talking to half the time. Yet this was their reaction.

No country should underestimate China’s “firm resolve, staunch will and strong ability” to protect its sovereign and territorial interests, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told reporters on Monday in response to Biden’s comments.

Why? The answer to that is simple and scary. They were or are planning on actually invading and exerting their authority over a Piece of China that they feel needs to be under Beijing’s full Authority “One China” it is inevitable and now is the perfect time to do it. Biden’s handing over of Europe’s Energy needs to the Russians along with basically doing the same thing with Ukraine, why wouldn’t they think this is the opportune time to seize control of Taiwan.

Except crotchety old men with great power are dangerous, especially when they’ve already decided what they will do and everyone keeps saying no no that’s not what he means when it is EXACTLY what he means. President Biden may be incapable of understanding the consequences, but as he keeps repeating that he will use military force to safeguard Taiwan he means it.

And the Chinese believe it. “On issues that bear on China’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and other core interests, no one shall expect China to make any compromise or trade-offs,” along with “PLA’s firepower in the Taiwan Straits has long surpassed that of US military,” those two and the one above came from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

So Joe’s obvious senility actually benefits the Taiwanese and the World in this instance as that is the main factor that may hold the Chicoms off for a couple more years.

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