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Now it may seem that everything is good, when an English girl wins a World title, but just pause for a minute, and then guess how long it will be before

a) We no longer have a competitor in the top 100, never mind top ten

b) The Wicksteed Puddle-jumping World Championship’s Ruling Committee is found to be riddled with bribery, presents of Rolex watches for all the officials, etc.; just on the same scale as FIFA.

c) The Russians, or the Chinese, or even the Argentinians get the vote rigged to remove the WPJWC from Wicksteed park, and set up the Puddles in their own country?


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12 thoughts on “Sorry, but just not enough mud!

  1. I have the feeling now that ‘A Tangled Web’ has nothing much to say these days and has become dull & uninteresting.
    Perhaps it’s reflecting the times we live in.

  2. Mike…didn’t you say very recently that you didn’t care about athletes or athletic endeavors??? 😛

  3. //Perhaps it’s reflecting the times we live in.//

    Sometimes things are just a bit too, well, ordinary.

    The UK and US economies are not deteriorating. The EU hasn’t collapsed. There will be no likely changes in the next British election. There will also be no significant change to the immigration situation. Obama has turned out to be neither saviour nor demon. The peace in Northern Ireland, despite a few hiccups, is still going strong. The Israeli-Palestine conflict is at a stalemate, and, let’s face it, we all know that sooner or later Russia and Ukr will make up again and sanctions will be lifted.

    The Middle East is still a mess of course, and I suspect the West will soon hear a bit from ISIS close to home, but overall things are quite humdrum. As the saint said, may you live in boring times.

  4. The Chicken Littles here should be happy about the above, but they are not.

    The sky is always falling for them.

  5. OK Phantom, if I was an attractive woman walking along a sidewalk in New York city, and various nothing-much-to-do characters passed the time of day at me, I’d nod, smile confidently, and say “hi lads, have a nice day”.
    The last thing I’d do was scowl, stare straight ahead and ignore them.
    There’s a lot of lonely people out there who only want to feel that they’re not entirely invisible to the rest of humanity:

  6. Bernard

    I know why you feel ATW has become dull and uninteresting. Its obviously because I have been away from it (on holiday). But I am back now so that should cheer you up 😉

  7. A lazy holiday in the Canary islands. Nothing to report really. Just sunbathing and swimming. The hotel wifi didn’t stretch further than the lobby so I didn’t even bother getting on the net during my fortnight out there. Some people may find 2 weeks without the internet a nightmare – but I am still old fashioned enough to be able to cope with it.

  8. That sounds wonderful (especially the swimming part)! Being sans internet is a good thing…

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