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For Pete Moore and anyone else who understands inflationary bubbles…go to 3 minutes and 50 seconds, then sit back and enjoy!

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10 thoughts on “SPARKS FLY!

  1. Magnificent stuff from the president-elect, albeit full of foreboding from the start.

    It’s noted that while the public is supposed to be energised about the very exciting race between Rick Romney and Newt Santorum, Ron Paul is already back in the saddle, politely destroying the Chairman of the Fed, schooling him on inflation and monetary policy, and again warning of economic terrors to come which the others do not see.

    Look away citizen, avert your gaze from the intellectual giant in the race!

  2. Pete

    On that recent gay military thread you posted a comment to the effect that you had never yet met a man you would, to put it politely, like to get close with.

    Is ‘Saint’ Paul the exception ? 🙂

  3. As Mahons cheerfully points out every chance he gets, a mere 10% of conservative voters actually care about domestic monetary, tax or spending policy.

    They’d much rather fight culture wars and gnash their teeth over the muslim, socialist, no birth certificate president sitting in the white house.

  4. Beautiful accent. Do you speak like that, Daphne?

    Today the ECB dished out over EUR 500 billion. Ouch.

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