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It’s a beautiful Spring day here in Northern Ireland. Gardens are being manicured, flowers are beginning to bloom with daffodils and crocuses everywhere, birds are even building a nest in a tree right in my front lawn. Just got back from visiting my dad, who is slowly dying and I couldn’t help but reflect upon the contrast of Spring heralding new life whilst other life has to come to an end. It’s the way of the world, I guess, but somehow days like this make me feel worse. Odd, isn’t it?

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4 thoughts on “SPRING IS IN THE AIR…

  1. It isn’t odd at all David. The contrast between the sadness you are experiencing with your father’s life coming to an end and the pleasure of seeing a warm spring day can be painful and even lead to feelings of guilt at even acknowledging any happy feelings at such a time. It isn’t odd at all but the most natural and human of feelings. Enjoy the spring day with your family and cherish the memory of your father too.

  2. Ah David, such a day reminds us that after every Good Friday there’s always an easter Sunday.

    It reminds me of my Dad’s own passing 21 years ago. I was holding 2 opposite feelings at once. Terrible grief coexisting with a great sense of relief that his suffering was over. How deep the human heart must be!

  3. Charles,

    And how touced it can be by comments such as yours and Colms. It’s things like this which make ATW in a league of its own, if I may say so.

  4. David,

    Its extremely understandable.

    Was passing through Donacloney last night on the way home Dublin and was thinking about you and your family.

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