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What do you make of the news that Essex County Council has become the first local authority in the country to discuss taking over the running of post offices earmarked for closure?

The council is negotiating a buy-out price from the Post Office and said some of the 32 threatened branches could be saved within two months. The closures in Essex were among 2,500 nationwide announced in 2006 in a bid to stem network losses of £4m a week. Postal Affairs Minister Pat McFadden has given approval to the scheme.

Isn’t this re-nationalisation through the back door? I disapprove of the State extending any area of its influence, and a Council taking over loss-making Post Offices seems a recipe for higher council taxes, in my view.  

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3 thoughts on “STATE POST OFFICES

  1. you think that is bad, look at this, from the Irish News.

    ‘Prizes for registering to vote proposal By Staff Reporter

    PEOPLE in Northern Ireland are to be offered prizes of up to £500 to put their name on the electoral register.

    In a bid to boost the number of people who register to vote, the chief electoral officer Douglas Bain has announced quarterly draws, with prizes available for those who newly sign up.

    Around 180,000 people who are eligible to vote have not registered.’

  2. Given that people have to deal with the government whether we like it or not, natural monopoly I have long thought that there might be a role for the Post Office network with a expaned ranges of services.

    Unfortuanalty it would scuppered by the appalling Post Office staff and Unions, but in an ideal word I would combine government services (passport, dvl, payments, correspondence, rates, etc.) domestic postage service with Northern Rock and National Savings and Investment throught the Post Office.

  3. NRG –

    No can do. Our pretendy government in Westminster stripped the Post Office of its most lucrative services by order of our real government in Brussels. Hence, the Post Office is stuffed and many branches now lose money – because they had to give up the services which kept them in business.

    So now local government, funded mainly by pretendy government, proposes to step in and prop up the post offices which were stuffed because of the policies of our real government.


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