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President Trump has pardoned Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Good, I wish both men a Merry and peaceful Christmas because both were wronged. He should now pardon Julian Assange.

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6 thoughts on “STONE FREE

  1. Here’s why Trump pardoned Manafort:

    “In court, Mueller’s lawyers told the judge that Manafort was the heart of their case. They had already nailed him for tax fraud and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. They had trapped him in a perjurious tangle. And as they followed the trail of evidence, they noticed that Manafort’s aide de camp was an asset of Russian intelligence. They had nabbed Manafort passing along confidential campaign data to a favored oligarch of the Kremlin, to whom he owed millions. Everything in the prosecutors’ presentation suggested that they were on the cusp of a breakthrough. Manafort would be their cooperative witness, the key to their ability to tell a more expansive narrative about what had happened in the 2016 election.

    But before prosecutors could achieve that revelation, the president made his move. Trump began to tease the prospect of a pardon for Manafort. While the Mueller report is a maddening document, deadened by its steadfast unwillingness to draw conclusions, it is unambiguous about Trump’s treatment of Manafort. It describes how his tweets and statements about a pardon might have shaped Manafort’s strategic calculus.

    The head of the family had sent an unambiguous signal. Just then, the instincts from Manafort’s old neighborhood kicked in. The president clearly intended to obstruct justice. By implicitly promising a pardon, he thwarted Manafort’s cooperation with Mueller, and wrecked the probe…”


  2. Open racketeering, as never before seen, supported by all remaining Trumpers

    You don’t get much more corrupt than Roger Stone. And now he gets his payoff.

  3. He should now pardon Julian Assange.

    I agree. As well as pardoning Edward Snowden. If Trump is going to abuse his power then he can at least do some good with it and right these two terrible injustices.

  4. This is banana republic stuff. The promise of a pardon to Manafort in 2017 in return for his silence is a clear case of obstruction of justice:

    “Of the 65 pardons and commutations that Mr. Trump had granted before Wednesday, 60 have gone to petitioners who had a personal tie to Mr. Trump or who helped his political aims, according to a tabulation by the Harvard Law School professor Jack Goldsmith. Although similar figures do not exist for previous presidents, legal experts say that those presidents granted a far lower percentage to those who could help them personally and politically. Mr. Trump’s use of his powers to grant clemency to allies and supporters drew criticism even from some Republicans. “This is rotten to the core,” said Senator Ben Sasse, Republican of Nebraska.

    The pardons to Mr. Manafort and Mr. Stone on the same day will be particularly stinging for the former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and his team. Mr. Trump’s lawyer at the time, John Dowd, was said to have broached the topic of pardons with lawyers for Mr. Manafort in 2017. Mr. Manafort was considering then whether to cooperate with prosecutors…”

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