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It may be the first time for many, but here is an actual sign of a politician speaking common sense. Northern Ireland Environment minister Sammy Wilson, whom I heard being interviewed on P.M. this evening, has struck a rare blow for truth in advertising by refusing to accept that the ZaNuLabour’s flagship  global warming propaganda piece ‘ACT ON CO2‘ was welcome on the airwaves of Northern Ireland.

At last a sign that at least one mind has got the message which the sensible scientific minds have been trying to push, despite the overwhelming uproar of the ‘perceived truth’ of ‘Global Warming/CO2’ rubbish spewed out by the hordes of Al Gore enthusiasts who have been hogging the microphones and screens of the world for the past ten years.

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8 thoughts on “strange but welcome sounds

  1. Mike:

    "a politician speaking common sense."

    Huh? This is an Environment Minister speaking out against a commercial urging people to safeguard the environment. He shouldn’t be in that office.

  2. It’s a commercial urging the folks to be economic with their use of electricity. The way Mike puts it it sounds like something out of The Manchurian Candidate.

    You can see the ad over on slugger.

    (Don’t mention it, Mick.)

  3. Ahh so the way to counter the perceived totalitarianism of the ‘enviro-whackos’ is with censorship. Slightly hypocritical non?

  4. To be fair to Sammy, as NI is still in the 17th century, the position is probably less urgent.

  5. This type of carry on is one of the reasons i would vote no, if a United Ireland was offered in the morning. Northern Ireland society is still quite immature and backward. They are in the position the Republic was about 20 years ago. People like Paisely, Iris Robinson and whoever this fool is would not get elected in a normal western democracy. Their ilk would, however, sweep home in Iran or Tennessee.

    I do think, also, that Unionists are more backward than nationalists in general. The SDLP seem like a very respectable party; Sinn Fein are also becoming quite mainstream, though they still have some way to go.

    Most Unionists are quite reasonable, as reasonable as their nationalist brethren (The DUP afterall seem to accept global warming), but there is still a substantial minority within them that are, to put it bluntly, embarrassing.

    Were there a united Parliament tomorrow, Unionists (and other northies) would possibly hold the balance of power. What if we saw a return of the ‘save Ulster from sodomy’ campaign? Or a campaign to return the death penalty? Or a keep the Sabbath holy campaign?

    It would be very embarrassing and, frankly, not worth the hassle. Northern Ireland needs to grow up, just as the South did, and they – it would appear – have a long way to go.

    If there was a United Parliament tommorrow,

  6. I heard this – it was glorious. He put his points across very effectively despite the daft questions he was being asked. Then he attacked New Labour very effectively as well.

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