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Nuclear deal signed as Sarkozy hosts Kadhafi

During Kadhafi’s highest-profile foreign trip to Paris, an historic deal has been signed between the two countries
France announced plans to sell nuclear reactors to Libya as well as 10 billion euros of trade deals, as President Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi on Monday for a five-day visit.
Kadhafi arrived earlier in Paris on his highest-profile foreign trip since his return to international respectability four years ago, which has drawn protests from French rights groups and the government’s own rights minister.
Travelling with a delegation of several hundred people Kadhafi — who last visited the French capital in 1973 — was driven in a white limousine from the airport straight to a meeting with Sarkozy.
Later at the Elysee Palace, the two countries announced the nuclear cooperation accord and some 3.2 billion euros (4.7 billion dollars) of contracts for European planemaker Airbus — for 21 aircraft purchased by Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways.
Paris and Tripoli agreed to work together to develop the “peaceful use of nuclear energy“, including “the supply of one or more nuclear reactors for the desalinisation of sea water” and uranium exploration and exploitation.
The accord follows a memorandum signed in Tripoli in July during a visit by Sarkozy, immediately after Libya agreed to release six Bulgarian medics jailed on charges of infecting children with HIV/AIDS.

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Adolph Eichmann is laughing his ass off.

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8 thoughts on “Such a mensch, Sarkozy

  1. "Adolph Eichmann is laughing his ass off."

    Hah! I invoke Godwin’s Law—for the second time in three days. You lose your argument, JammieWearingFool.

  2. Just as well Godwin was not around during the New Testament period, otherwise the Old would’nt have got started….(!?)

  3. Let me remind the gentle reader that Kadhafi’s turnaround was due to Bush’s treatment of Iraq. The Libyan dictator didn’t want to be pulled out of a spider hole like Saddam. He therefore turned over all proscribed nuclear material that Libya had, which the US flew to Tenn. to lock up.

  4. Kadhafi didn’t give up he just decided the long game is the one to play… you just have to see some of his speeches to his own people where he boasts of the islamic conquest of europe by birthrate….

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