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and someone irrelevant.


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5 thoughts on “Sunday Night Keith, Willie, Hank III

  1. Is this the Tangled Web blog? – or is it the New Musical Express blog?

    Surely if we want to watch You Tube, we would go there. Not that I am agin’ it – in moderation, but this is getting ridiculous, does no-one have anything worthwhile to say any more?…

  2. I just get the impression that some of the writers are just trying to ‘out cool’ each other. Perhaps it’s a sign of midlife crisis, or maybe even a tad menopausal. Me , – I’ll stick with the Ferrari…

  3. Ernest it is the weekend and I don’t see a distraction into a littlr frivolity hurting the conversation, besides no one is having a mid-life crises (now excuse me while I go start my Harley)..

  4. Ernest: Not to worry someone will put up some Glenn Miller soon (said with a smile). As you may be aware I have refrained from putting up these musical posts as my public demands that I stick to serious discourse, but the tunes kind of break up the angst so what the heck. The definitive version of this tune is actually not the original by the Stones. Towns Van Zandt, a Texan, gave it the best run through for my money.

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