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It’s been quite a week for the DUP, the leading party of troughery here in Northern Ireland.  We had Peter Robinson making patently FALSE allegations concerning Jim Allister; we had Ian Paisley working for a French Bank in Uganda at a time of a crucial Commons vote on Syria, and now this.

Stormont DUP MLA Robin Newton’s family earn £800,000 of public cash


DUP member Robin Newton employs his wife Carole as office manager and his son Adam as researcher. They are currently paid a total of £60,831 a year. But the Belfast Telegraph has also discovered that the MLA for East Belfast paid his daughter Emma Ruth Newton – in either her own name or described as ERN Research Services – up to £13,780 for research and secretarial work for a year-and-a-half up until 2009.

As is carefully pointed out, there is nothing illegal or improper in this grotesque troughery. But, it reinforces my view of the motivating force behind so many of those at Stormont.


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2 thoughts on “SUPER TROUGHER…

  1. As a wise man said, the State is the great fiction by which everyone attempts to live at the expense of everyone else.

    It’s a vast clearing house in which everyone’s wealth is up for grabs. Of course those closer to the power centres will do much of the clearing, and there’ll clear our money their way and to their pals.

  2. Shameless, even by DUP standards.

    We need a law to prevent MPs / MLAs employing family at taxpayers’ expense. It’s that simple, but I can’t see turkeys voting for Christmas.

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