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Want to give your nation’s pre-school kids a leg up in life? Want to make sure that they are well prepared for primary school life, and the full impact of education?

 Of course you do! So you, or rather your Government on your behalf, spends some £21,000,000,000.00 (That’s twenty one billion pounds, in case the noughts deceived your eyes) since 1997 on the programmes included within Sure Start, the Labour Initiative which said that providing three-year old kids with high quality play and learning experiences would work wonders.

Now I’m no educational whizz-kid, but that’s an awful lot of money for play-dough and climbing frames, but, if it’s all for a good cause; why not?


This is why not! In a damning report, Durham University has discovered that kids have gained absolutely nothing from all that alleged effort, expertise and cash!

What was that echo?

Ah, Yes,s,s,s.

Education, Education, Education! 

Personally, I’d sooner trust Crippen or Christie! 


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3 thoughts on “sure failure

  1. Mike,

    I heard the Minister responsible, Beverly Hughes, being interviewed about this.

    Her contention was that;

    a/ It was too soon to know
    b/ Statisitical studies OUTSIDE the UK showed this works so a UK statistical study on this scale means nothing.
    c/ Theoritical UK models show this works, its only this 35,000 practical survey that says otherwise.
    d/ The survey is suspect anyway.


    As Bernard says – to the gallows.

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