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SOMEONE said in here last week (modesty forbids) that the goggle box in the corner of the room is hugely damaging to children, retarding their development emotionallyas well as intellectually. I said (if it was me) that it’s time that the retarding power of TV was studied. Well apparently an egghead is on the case. Hitchens in the MoS:

But TV is so powerful that this terrible mistreatment of the young is seldom if ever researched. Here at last seems to be an exception. Professor Michael Shayer’s new study shows the brain power of 14-year-olds has slipped significantly in one generation. And that has been the generation of multi-channel, 24-hour colour TV and sets in every bedroom.

The professor doesn’t think it a coincidence and nor do I. Why do people who rightly fuss so much about what goes into their children’s stomachs, and fret about mobile-phone signals and air pollution, pay no attention to what is going into their offspring’s brains?

Can there be a connection, one wonders, between that and this?

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5 thoughts on “Switch Off Your Television Set And Go And Do Something Less Boring Instead

  1. Almost all of the terrestrial television material is aimed at the lowest common denominator. That is the folks with the brain power of fleas, who sit eyes glued to programmes in which they can play out their fantasy. They really are sitting in the "Rovers return" with a pint in front of them whilst watching cast members engauge in the usual ribaldry.

    When kids watch the Tellie Tubbies they’re not learning anything useful. They’re being distracted from their usual "tear up the house" activities.

    At the end of the day the world was better off without television, mobile phones and Gordon Brown. Because they all demonstrate the stupid are living amongst us!

  2. What is not mentioned is who the school children are. They are not the same people as the 14-year-olds before NuLab decided that we needed ‘enriching’.

  3. I heard that quite a few pupils thought that Winston Churchill was a black man.
    That’s understandable though, seeing as he was the last white man on earth to have that christian name.

  4. Eddie: "Because they all demonstrate the stupid are living amongst us!"

    Are you making the case for public service broadcasting as aversion therepy?

    I agree, the ‘Meja’ are always saying we ‘should do something about it’, what ever ‘it’ happens to be. And often enough the solution is to ‘send a message’! Talk about dumbing down, nevertheless such is the mode of exchange in the media.

    Now, it never seems to dawn on these overpaid signal senders that the message they send out in the case of, for example of ‘East Enders’ twice a week and reinforced again each weekend, that life is filled with miserable degenerate, drunkard no hope dole scroungers’ is a message that conflicts with and drowns out the other message they claim they wish to ‘send out’.

    The one ‘signal is much more powerful than the other, one might think these people were either stupid or malicious.

  5. And now this!

    Reminds me of what those old conservative fogies used to say back home in the old days:
    (in Cork accent) "Sure, there was noooo sex in Ireland before television!

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