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One of the true differences between our Nation and just about every other nation on this planet is that we have a sense of humour about those in power, those whom we have set above us, and those whom we have selected to govern us.

What other County on this planet has a Queen, a constitutional monarch who has conducted herself with decorum, with dignity, with true honour, who has seen twelve Prime Ministers in the sixty years of Her Reign; and who can also expect to have a cartoon literally ‘taking liberties’ with the Royal Person on the morning of a General Election?

Truly a wonderful country, despite the drawbacks of its political and voting systems; but most of all for the sheer luck of having Elizabeth 2nd as our Monarch!

h/t to The Times for the cartoon

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One thought on “Taking Liberties?

  1. Apropos of absolutely nothing; would anyone like to whisper why, oh why, are they both wearing wellington boots?

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