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It appears that President Obama managed to get Israel to recognize what the World knew, that an apology was due to Turkey for the fatal Israeli boarding of blockade-challenging ships a few years ago that resulted in a divide between Israel and Turkey (two nations that had a history of good relations and cooperation).

The apology (Bibi’s first in his life?) and the acceptance by Turkey allows both nations to turn their attention to mutual and vital interests in an increasingly unstable world. I applaud the step and hope more sanity descends on the region.

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17 thoughts on “Talking Turkey

  1. A shameful decision by Bibi. He should have apologised for not dealing with more “activists”. This was a pay off to Obama, plain and simple. And just as nauseating.

  2. David — IDF thugs should have shot even more unarmed people from behind at close range?

  3. “IDF thugs”
    from Petr’s book of provocative phrases..

    Now what do you make of this one?

    How would you describe these guys??

  4. Netanyahu doesn’t apologise: he uses words which appear to be apology in order to get more, like a green light for a military attack on Iran ‘underwritten’ by US forces in the area.

  5. Petr – your comment is anti-zionist and anti-zionism = anti-semitism (a bizarre term given that jews aren’t semites but those whom they expelled from palestine certainly are)

  6. It could be he’s thinking of having his planes fly over Turkey on the way to bomb Iran. If Israeli bombers are to use the air-space of only one country – and a relatively safe one at that – is has to be Turkey.

    The flotilla was much derided in its day, but events have vindicated the efforts and sacrifices made by those on board. I also think it can be said in tribute to their bravery and dedication that they would have willingly given their lives if they’d seen the outcome: bringing the world’s attention to the cruelty of the embargo against Gaza (I mean, several US commenters here who should really have known better weren’t even aware the Israelis were holding back certain foods and children’s goods) and forcing Israel to loosen it.

  7. Isn’t it strange how selective our Petr’s political philosophy is turning out to be.
    When I first started taking notice of his postings I thought he was a romantic idealist with a communistic/socialist bent.
    Then I started noticing that he was always quick to champion the cause of the oppressed, be they Palestinian, African or whatever, but that he never explained how things could or should work between peoples.

    In this thread he is very quick to label Israeli troops as thugs but hasn’t got the time to comment on the excesses of the Liberian militias who indulged in rape, mutilation and cannibalism.
    Why the silence?
    Surely if something is wrong it’s wrong. Whether committed by an “Israeli IDF thug” or a doped up brutalised Liberian “soldier”.

  8. A shameful decision by Bibi. He should have apologised for not dealing with more “activists”.

    David is in favour of people being murdered. As long as they are people who he disagrees with politically.

  9. On the subject of the Turkish flotilla members- you’ve got to admire the sheer brass for someone from Turkey to protest against another country occupying land illegally or dispossessing minorities.

  10. Israel had nothing in the world to apologize for. But there are times when diplomacy calls for tactical such apologies.

    A tip of the hat to Bibi, and to Obama for arranging this.

    It is good for Israel, good for Turkey, good for the US, good for the world.

    The bad guys will be on the back foot but good now. I see zero downside. Sometimes you apologize when you are innocent. Bravo.

  11. Disturbing logic and morality, Phantom. Bordering on frightening to be honest.

  12. David is in favour of people being murdered. As long as they are people who he disagrees with politically.

    I think the technical term for it is terrorism. Turkey should not be fooled by NetanYAHOOs false apology nor should Turkey allow the Israelis any where near their air space and should shoot down any planes which violate its territory.

  13. Ross –

    Fair point.

    I can vaguely remember being scooped out of bed and thrown in a car as the Turks bombed and invaded Cyprus in 1974.

    My uncle and aunt lost everything – their home, their business, the lot, except for the clothes they managed to flee in. They never received a penny in compensation (though I doubt my uncle would have excepted an offer anyway).

    The Turks can go f- themselves.

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