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795151-605926-thumbnail.jpgJust to let everyone know that ATW goes “live” on-air tomorrow night at 8pm GMT. It will be 30 minute show and I know that Mike Cunningham will be joining me for one of the 10 minute sections! Alison may also be able to call in. Here’s the agenda for Tangled Talk;

1. The Northern Ireland Elections – or a return to Big Nothing? I want to lead this discussion on why I think the elections are a farce, and worse an affront to any thinking democrat. I’m hoping Andrew can be in on this one, not sure yet if it is convenient for him.

2. Islam in the UK. We chat about it enough here, let’s discuss if we really believe Islam is compatible with a thriving democracy. Loaded question? Hey Osama – wanna give me a call?

3. Blogging – new wave vs old MSM. Mike Cunningham is on with me for this. Is the blogosphere really any different to MSM, and if so, why?

Now then, I have a VERY IMPORTANT GUEST to announce. Yes – YOU!

If you feel like talking to me simply call in to 001 646 652 2582. That gets you through to my switchboard. It costs one cent per minute, and it should be fun if you call to say Hi and give a comment. This is very much a trial run, we’ll see how we go from here on in, but best start it and see where we go. The show runs for 30mins, and it’s going to be..interesting.

TANGLED TALK RADIO – live on-air tomorrow night – call me! If you click the BlogTalkRadio button in the top left part of this page, it takes you to the show. The show will also be archived so you can listen at YOUR convenience if you’re not able to make it on-air with us. 

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  1. 8 p.m. ‘zulu’ time, eh?

    Dang! I will be picking my oldest daughter up from the state testing at 3 p.m. Eastern. The almighty State – which is doing such a bang up job educating the young’uns – feels it is their job to evaluate my child’s academic level. In writing this go-round. *sigh*

    I’ll catch you on the replay. Good luck and have a great time!

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