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If you want to hear a stupid idea, ask hard left Trade Union Leader Comrade Bob Crowe!

“Asked for his strategy for protecting jobs while tackling the deficit, Mr Crow told Channel 4’s 10 O’clock Live Show: “If groups of workers are under attack, we believe we should coordinate and stand firm – propose a tax of 1p per email, and get rid of Trident.”

It is not the first time that Mr Crow has suggested that the Government impose taxes on modern technology in order to pay down the country’s record budget deficit. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper last year, he said: “If you put a 1p tax on every text message that’s sent in Britain, that would nearly wipe out half the deficit”.

Who favours paying 1p tax on email? How about a 1p tax on text? The ramblings of a deluded leftist or enlightened progressiveness?

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9 thoughts on “TAX EMAIL?

  1. Yes, tax the productive sector, so that we can support the bloated public sector.

    What a terrific idea!

  2. Brothers … and comrades, it’s worse than i thought, Komrade Bob is not only a communist, he is a ‘Socialist communist’! a lost soul indeed, albeit, a rather well paid lost soul, up the workers revolution, and ‘peoples front’ or was it the ‘Judean peoples front’ ?


    What is a Communist? One who hath yearnings For equal division of unequal earnings. Idler or bungler, or both, he is willing To fork out his copper and pocket a shilling. (
    Ebenezer Elliott (That would be Bob then)

    a member of the General Council of the TUC. He describes himself as a “communist stroke socialist”[1] and is regarded as part of the so-called “Awkward Squad” –


  3. E-mail tax ! Comrade Bob is not so radical after all.

    “The United Nations has in the past considered proposing an e-mail tax, in an effort to raise funds to boost Internet technology access to poor countries.[citation needed] [3] Citing a “knowledge gap” between the United States and underdeveloped countries”

    How very decent of them!

    “the imbalance” between Internet users and non-users, the report’s authors proposed a “tax of one US cent on every 100 lengthy e-mails” which they believed would generate $70 billion a year”

    For who … exactly?

    Just about every e-mail, is redirected to some shadowy paranoid organisation in the good old U S of A, opened, read and sent back to the original recipient, if anyone should pay for e-mails, it should be those paranoid State freaks! bollocks to them i say.

    Get some tracker software, you will be astonished, at just what happens to your ‘personal’ e-mails, before they get to you?

  4. First off, welcome back ATW, and thanks indeed to all who worked hard to make it possible.I would be very interested to know WHY ATW was chosen as a target, and whether the guy/ess was really a loner or was in fact working with others??
    Anyway, am I the only one who believes that like the road to Hell, the Welfare State /Public Sector is a well intentioned tax guzzling monster that we simply can’t afford in its present format?
    Why CAN’T we set up these services as companies, still accountable to the taxpayer but with more freedom to perform efficiently and effectively?

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  6. “So if anyone wants to abuse mahons without a fast response, now is the time.”

    So, no change there then?

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