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Current screening for TB in immigrants arriving in the UK is missing the majority of cases, say researchers. 70% to be precise.

Using new blood tests for checks would be better than chest X-rays, which detect only active infections, says an Imperial College London team which analysed more than 1,000 immigrants. Blood tests could prevent substantial numbers of cases, they write in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. The government said the research backed new guidance from health watchdog NICE. Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterial infection, which attacks the lungs. It has risen dramatically in the UK over the past decade, partly because of an increase in cases among people who move to the country from overseas.

Or to put it more precisely, immigration from Africa and parts of Sub-Asia.  There is a major health problem looming here and the primary cause is the massive immigration we have experienced combined with inaccurate testing. TB was once considered beaten but it is back.

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4 thoughts on “TB ON THE RISE…

  1. Screening is part of the issue. To what end is screening done? Do we refuse admission to carriers? I suspect not as it infringes their ‘uman roights’ to live and be paid for by us taxpayers. EG having HIV+ status guarantees right of abode and free treatment in the UK. Apparrently the NHS is crying out for the worlds sick to come to our shores or they will have nothing to do all day.

  2. Let’s not forget our Russian friends:

    Tuberculosis in Russia is one of the country’s top health emergencies. The country has the highest TB mortality rate in Europe, 20 times higher than in the West.

    About half of all cases reported in the former Soviet Union are in Russia.

    Of particular concern in the region is the prevelance of a drug-resistant form of TB.

    DRUG RESISTANT T.B. my friends is like herpes and A.I.D.S. it’s for ever!

  3. Russians – are they those obscenely wealthy huge muscly ugly ugly UGLY blokes with evil looking tattoo’s, clad only in ‘budgie smugglers’ on Egyptian Beaches. Accompanied by young bottle blonde wives who are spectacularly rude? You know I believe they are.

    Odd isn’t it that so shortly after Communism fades away there emerges a new ‘Golden Pheasant’ class.

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