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I like this analysis from Eilis O’Hanlin in the Irish press today; She is talking about the rise of the “technocrats” across Europe as Democracy is pushed out of the way to accommodate the needs of Frau Merkel and co;

“This is not so much a democratic deficit as a total democratic bypass. Where’s the resistance? It’s certainly not coming from the European Left, but that’s no surprise. Soviet-style technocratic government was always socialism’s guilty pleasure. The people can’t be trusted to do what’s right for the revolution, so for a time the normal rules of democracy must be suspended whilst experts make the informed decisions on their behalf. Once the New Order is bedded down, then the little people can get their rights back. Only they never do, because the heirs of Plato’s beloved philosopher kings never willingly cede power except to others like them.

That sort of paternalism is endemic on the micro scale in left-wing politics. In Europe, it’s simply being transferred to national politics. The issues are too complicated for the uninitiated to grasp, so best to let experts run the world whilst the ordinary people watch TV and eat chips.

The process isn’t happening entirely without protest. Students in Milan are already out rioting against what they call a “bankers’ government”, but that, maddeningly, misses the point too. European democracy is not being subverted solely in order to prop up a free market system which allows incompetent bankers to flourish; democracy is being subverted in order to ensure the survival of a pet political project which would otherwise now be in ruins.

The “markets” don’t give a damn about the details, they simply want to make money. It’s the political class in Berlin and Paris which is pulling out all the stops to keep the federalist fantasy afloat. They’re the ones who’ve embarked on this course regardless of its consequences or internal contradictions.”

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  1. Soviet-style technocratism is the bankers’ dream – that’s why they codified it and funded it. Marx (an avid player of the London stock markets) was paid by moneyed interests to produce Das Kapital, the adherents of its doctrine were funded by Wall Street to destroy Tsarist-Russia and the technocrats themselves are all ex-Goldman Sachs and ex-ECB (GS-conrolled). Check it for yourselves and ditch this left-right nonsense: the bankers own both sides.

  2. They aren’t really technocrats.

    Technocrats are usually people who apply their expertise to the field they are administering with little regard for ideology or partisan politicking.

    In contrast these people have a deeply ideological committment to the European Project and will refuse to apply economic expertise to the problems they face when it is inconvenient to the cause.

  3. I am ashamed that most politicians here in the UK have stood by and done nothing whilst the Eurozone has thrown DEMOCRACY out of the window. That these same Eurozone members are also members of the EU, as are we, only compounds my shame as we have known for years that the one thing the EU is not is Democratic.

    However, we have politicians, although not in power, who must be horrified at the direction things are taking. Let us hear their voices. The time is right.

  4. call it what it is, a seize of power and rebirth of the Bolsheviks. Between the Bolsheviks and the Germans, all that was won in WWII is quickly being lost

  5. All that was won in WWII is quickly being lost


    Wild and crazy overstatement does not help to understand what is happening.

    Unless you are saying that the EU is imposing Naziism in Europe. And crushing the Nazis and their ideology was the major accomplishment of WW 2 in Europe.

  6. no the Nazi’s were the immediate threat, WWII didn’t end until the Berlin wall fell. The reichs underlying goal was german domination of europe and the original soviet revolution was a bolshevik one.

    Looking at events in europe today and you see two groups running things, and it’s them.

  7. There are no Nazis and there are no Bolsheviks to be seen anywhere near power. That inflammatory language does not help.

    If there is to be a EU going forward, Germany and France have to step up and lead. The British won’t lead on that – they’re to skeptical of the project – and the other countries are incapable of leading it through troubled times.

    If any attempt at German leadership when it’s most needed is to be greeted by hostility and Hitler memories, all is indeed lost.

    The only thing worse than the EU may be a Europe splintered apart. Which is still possible.

  8. I never said the nazi’s were a threat, they were the immediate problem in wwii and they were wiped out.

    German rule of the EU is already well under way and entrenched. German domination of europe has become the reality, the British PM was just dismissed by Merkal like a fly on a horses ass, just a few days ago.

    The pound is to be phased out, the EU taxes will be levied to float the bolshevik governments being put in place in the vassal states (we had a nice clip of Farage addressing those Bolsheviks the other day) and Britain under it’s current limp government will submit.

  9. If the EU was going ‘nazi’, the 3rd-worlders would be getting shipped home and Europe would be white again. It isn’t happening and won’t happen: quite the opposite is intended for the indigenous peoples of Europe.

  10. I doubt very much that the British pound is to be phased out in favor of a ” new Euro ” or anything else.

    That might be the last straw for many Brits for national and economic reasons. The public is well aware that it is only the good judgment or luck to stay out of the Euro that has kept Britain out of the worst of Europe’s morass.

    And the fact is that the UK is a large enough country to have it’s own currency without inconveniencing many. It’s not Luxembourg. They can be good Europeans without all having a uniform money.

  11. yet that is exactly what merkal and the bolshevics are pushing for phantom, so far where the EU is concerned the britsh government hasn’t actually bent over to listen to the will of her people now, has it?

  12. No one owns me.

    David – the box in which you are permitted to think is owned by someone else. It has left and right but, given that the box is owned by the moneyed interests and that all the concepts and ideas within that box are also owned by these same interests, it means that your thinking is owned by the moneyed interests. Complaint about such conditions is permissible, up to a point, but efforts to break out lead to opprobrium and ridicule, because the box is a prison and it has its guards. However, once outside that box, there is release and vision: there is also no going back. Breakout may occur by chance, where one of the ideas in the box is seen to be utterly false, after which all such ideas are revealed as equally false.

    Usually the falsehood which leads to breakout is within one’s own field of expertise. For me, it was the collapse of building 7, which was a controlled demolition as applied mechanics shows – there is no doubt whatsoever. For you it may be the absolute falsehood of the economics which the EU uses to justify its existence – who knows, but I hope that you have it in you to break out. Once out, history and economics are seen as lies, totally controlled by corrupted academia – science is now being corrupted as is seen by the bribery efforts made by the pharmaceutical and armaments sectors.

  13. Troll

    The British government and people will have the last say on this one.

    I’m well aware of how the EU project has angered many there with various encroachments over the years.

    But I will be very surprised if the Brits would tolerate the termination of the pound. Time will tell. The next two years, probably.

  14. Le Monde goes public with Goldman Sachs using a masonic network (including arch-globalist scumbag, Peter Sutherland) to extend its influence throughout the EU. Wasn’t Tony Blair a ‘consultant’ to GS?

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