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Know much about computers? Of course you do, other wise you wouldn’t be able to navigate to these pages. Not too many want to be able to do much more; possibly correspondence, household accounts, the odd genealogical survey, family photographs and the like, because that is what the PC has become. A channel for your social life, a means of instant communication, a diary and (for some) a partner who never speaks back. But for those who have delved further than the edges into the possibilities, we are aware of the terrifying possibilities of the use by the unscrupulous, the criminal, or a combination of both; namely politicians.

So what do you make of the latest Data Disaster to be unveiled by our political masters where hundreds of thousands of NHS records have been lost, mislaid or stolen. Now in order to imagine the physical means by which these records can, and have been transferred willy-nilly, I am able to store every document I have ever written including rough and further drafts of all my novels, hundreds of digital photographs, every spreadsheet I have built or used for my work; on to a mobile hard drive which can be hidden within the palm of my hand.

So why didn’t you take notice when I warned you before? 


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One thought on “tell us the old, old story!

  1. I wonder will these gaffs make it more difficult to bring in ID cards or will this incompetent government just push ID cards thru anyway??

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