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For several months this year, we have endured Scottish Nationalists droning on and on about the world class country Scotland would be if it were truly independent from those dreadful English. So, yesterday a Scottish NHS worker who had just flown back from West Africa was diagnosed with Ebola. What to do? Yes – send her to England for treatment. 

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2 thoughts on “THANK GOD FOR ENGLAND…

  1. She’s in a London hospital?

    You’d have thought the poor women would have had enough of Africa.

  2. Oh hang on –

    The nurse was tested in total seven times after landed at Heathrow airport within the space of two hours – once as part of a routine screening, and six more times after complaining of a high temperature around an hour later.

    There’s nothing to worry about people, there’s nothing to think about, we’re in the very best hands, obviously.

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