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L’AQUILA is yet another of those beautiful Italian small towns in a stunning setting, in this case up in the Appenines. I know it because an ex-girlfriend is from a nearby village and she lives there still. We’ve had a chat this evening. Good to say she and her family are fine, though panic still breaks out with the aftershocks of the earthquake yesterday.

Bodies are still being pulled from the rubble and 228 are known to have lost their lives so far. I felt a few tremors when staying there (Italy can be lively like that) though I managed to sleep through one that was quite severe. Her family thought I was the cool Englishman, but as Tiziana said tonight, I wouldn’t have snored my through this one.

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3 thoughts on “The Abruzzo Earthquake

  1. I love Italy and hate to see this happen to its people. But they have recovered from far worse earthquakes than this one.

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