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Today is the day many kids get their A level results, their passport to University.  But hold…

“The proportion of A-levels scoring at least an A grade has fallen for the first time in 21 years after exam watchdogs introduced tougher marking rules. In total, 26.6 per cent of exams were given an A or A*, down from 27 per cent last year – believed to be the biggest drop in the history of the qualification. Official figures also show that boys overtook girls at A* grade for the first time. The top mark was awarded to 8% of boys’ entries and 7.9% of girls’. The last time the proportion of A-levels scoring an A dropped was in 1991, when 11.9% of papers were awarded the grade compared to 12% in 1990.”

For years, teaching has been manipulated by politicians to ensure results soared – regardless of rigour.  That is so wrong on so many levels – like crime in a multi-story car park . Kids are cheated, they think they have achieved tremendous things until one interviews them and discovers they lack some basic skills.  I feel sorry for them, I think it is a scandal the way they are let down.

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  1. DV: “That is so wrong on so many levels – like crime in a multi-story car park ” – Love it.

  2. Well,
    I m now playing on my new iMac…
    How the hell do you highlight and copy something??

    I wanted to copy the sentence re the drop in passes after 21 years, but Apple obviously has a different way of doing it…….. (sigh…)

    Why is it that computers of whatever OS or manufacture, are determined to be different?

    Not logical, just different.

    I am having a new experience.
    Phoning up Apple for help on how to operate their “best ever system!” instead of Microsoft.

    I do hope Apple Support respond better/faster;
    Otherwise this baby will need a “how to survive flying through an open window app” double quick..
    Not that I am a Luddite or anything. 🙂

    what I was going to say is that back in the late ’50s when I took and failed my 11+, it never entered my parents’ heads to question the system. They believed that the government wanted to provide the best possible educational system for Britain’s children.

    Now it seems that the State has become so cynical, so complacent in its power over the people; that they can both maintain the lie of “democracy and governmental accountability” as well as pretend that 90+% of our kids are mini Einsteins. The only drawback being that they are also unemployable, so we have to import drones and professionals whilst our kids rest on Welfare State benefits…

    I went on to do GCE O levels as a mature student in my late thirties..

  3. As with so many of the good things in life, they eventually suffer from abuse.

    In the case of education, the politicians abused the system by encouraging easier, and in many cases, intellectually worthless courses, coupled with a less stringent marking system, and all in the cause of a faux equality and bragging rights in the media.

    The ‘academics’, also abused the system to take full advantage of a grants and fees regime that encouraged a ‘more is better’ ethos, rather than one of quality of the end product.

    As for the students, – God Bless ’em!, – bombarded from all quarters as to how very worthwhile a degree was, totally ignoring the value and quality of the chosen discipline. Amused and abused by the idea that they might never have to ‘get their hands dirty’ to earn a living, now see a three or four year uni course, not as an opportunity to learn something of intellectual value, but as some sort of rule free booze or shag fest.

    Of course the current idea that ‘uni is for all’, suits the politicians perfectly, now that they now don’t have to actually bother their pretty little heads about building and maintaining an economy that might possibly provide work and careers for the peasants.

    We used to have a very viable network of technical colleges for those who wished to further their education, but were realistic enough to realise that a university was not for them. Where are they now? some still survive but rather than offer diplomas, they offer a ‘degree’, which, from the various prospectus’s I have seen, lack the practical quality of the formerly offerd diplomas, and are very much an inferior product.

    A typical feature of socialism, – quantity rather than quality, – or as a pragmatic working man might say – “All net curtains and no knickers!”

  4. Agit8ed,

    An iMac eh! – very pretty, and fun, but they do take some getting used to, and very expensive for what you get. It very much echoes my closing half-dozen words…

    Anyway – good luck!

  5. For crying out loud!!
    I just painstakingly typed out a response and managed to lose the blasted thing….
    (Blood pressure up and rising..
    Window open..)
    I was saying that our kids are being manipulated/exploited in a way that we never were.
    Modern governments feel no shame about this, because they enjoy the exercise of power more than they feel the weight of responsibility/accountability.

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