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It allowed forecasts to be made using a combination of satellite data and computer models and traditional techniques such as observing insects, flowers and pot blowing, where herbs are placed into a pot buried in the ground which the rainmaker blows into through a pipe, listening for coming winds.


I always did reckon that whole ‘Gorbals Worming’ bunch was full of hot air, and here, at last, is the proof.


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One thought on “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind

  1. That’ll be your Engineering background coming out there Mike. You are (like myself) adherants to ‘old science’. Formulae, Equations, proof that kind of thing.

    New Science such as the climate varierty is all Magic Pixie dust and nebulous groupthink. This lot would have burnt DaVinci at the stake.

    Easy mistake to make that.

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