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It’s inevitable that the neo-marxist SNP Government in Scotland would come after the property owners.

Nicola Sturgeon’s government has been urged to be far bolder on land reform after proposals to cap the amount of private land owned by one person or company were dropped.

Land campaigners and opposition parties said they were disappointed the Scottish government’s new land reform bill failed to endorse independent proposals made last year for a fixed limit on private ownership.

The bill, published on Tuesday, makes a series of radical proposals to strip Scotland’s sporting estates, where deer and grouse are shot, of business rates relief and features measures to force landowners to sell estates to local people if their land is badly managed.

You may recall that Scotland has also BANNED Council house tenants from having the right to BUY their own property. Another pincer movement against those who want to OWN their own home.

I think the SNP realise that one of the first steps in imposing a Robert Mugabe style tyranny is to assault those who own property. It’s how you dismantle democracy and it is right up the SNP agenda!

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4 thoughts on “THE ASSAULT ON PROPERTY….

  1. for a fixed limit on private ownership.

    What does this mean? You can only own so much property?

  2. Yes, proposed limits on how much land can be owned by a private interest is in the Bill.

    Alongside this are various McMugabe threats to steal land, all under the guise of “the common good”, which is the evergreen cry of the tyrant.

    I recently said in here that an independent Jockland under the SNP boot would very quickly become another Venezuela. I wasn’t joking. They’re are hardcore radical Leftist nutters.

  3. The SNP have been drooling at the thought of ‘banning’ stuff.

    Time to get the popcorn in.

    I am so glad I don’t live in Scotland.

  4. It is noted that land reform has been part of the success stories in very capitalist places like Taiwan and other Asian tigers.

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