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Listened to the Today Programme slot this morning where the presenter interviewed Peter Hain on the spat between Spain and Gibraltar.

Now before I continue, did you spot my deliberate mistake? I used the term ‘interview’.

What we heard this morning was a blatant piece of Labour Party propaganda about an attempt to sign away the rights and privileges of the Gibraltarian people with the full agreement of not only Hain, but also Jack Straw, along with the smiling liar, Tony Blair himself.

Hain announced that he had an ‘agreement’ with the Spanish Government of a movement towards ‘Shared Sovereignty’, where the wishes of the Gibraltarian people would be ‘considered’ , but in reality would be brushed aside because Hain’s “African roots” made it easy for him to understand the strong feelings aroused by “a little bit of England trying eccentrically to cling on to Spain”. Hain also said the then-Prime Minister was “contemptuous” toward the desire of Gibraltar residents to remain under the British flag.

The BBC bloke did not even query whether Hain had any democratic authority to even attempt to usurp the declared motivation and wishes of 30,000 people who wished simply to retain their 300-year-old links with Great Britain, but meekly remained silent whilst the ‘Word’ came from the orange prophet.

My disgust for the Labour Party is well-known, but it is not as great as that aimed straight at the BBC.

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11 thoughts on “The BBC…..again!

  1. It’s a race to the bottom (feeders) to see who despises Britain and the Brits the most. Labour, Bliars, Tories or the BBC.

    Me I’m UKIP-ing and to hell with the lot of them.

  2. Peter Hain – another African immigrant who should sod off back there.

    When Blair and Hain and the execrable McShane were doing the rounds with Aznar back in 2002 and 03, they certainly weren’t broadcasting the fact that they were trying to sell out Gib, and that Blair is contemptuous of Gibraltarians.

    Too white, too British and too proud for these treasonous scum.

    One day the New Labour cabal will get their comeuppance. Cameron might well join them. He’d sell out Gib and his grandmother if it got him a gold star in Brussels. When they’re in the dock at the Great Treason Trials of 2020 I’ll be looking on like M. Defarge, cackling madly as their demise approaches.

  3. If Gibraltar wants to stay a part of the UK then so they should and we the British Taxpayer should support them.
    Same as the Falkland Islands and any other bunch of Colonials.
    Oh yeah, and the left wing, subversive, supercilious, smuggo BBC.
    We support them too,

  4. While it sticks in the craw to be on the side of the neo-colonials, I think Spain are playing silly beggars here.

    I think Rajoy is pandering to his party’s extremely unpleasant historical roots. Anyway, until they see fit to hand Ceuta and Melilla over to Morocco, then their posturing on Gibraltar should be taken with a pinch of salt.

  5. Absolutely Reg, he’s whipping up Spanish ultra nationalism in order to deflect from the Barcens / PP corruption scandal. I’m surprised he hasn’t had Real Madrid playing in the streets, (a favourite diversionary tactic of Franco’s)

    On the wider Beeb, this gem, shown on BBC3 last night, was in itself worth the licencing fee I don’t pay:


  6. The more I read and learn about Messrs, Blair, Straw and Hain, the more I think what utter vile, vile, vile people we as a nation elected too power.

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