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I’m lying on my sofa right now, watching the Chilean broadcast of Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid, on my laptop.

You don’t get that under commies.

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11 thoughts on “MARKETS PROVIDE

  1. Pete

    I trust you will enjoy tonight’s match more than you enjoyed the one last night and more than (I fear) I will enjoy the one tomorrow night 🙂

  2. Peter –

    Told you it wasn’t over!

    Since Chelsea come to the Arse on Saturday, I’m hoping they’re well in the tie after tomorrow. In it enough for di Matteo to put out a reserve team.

  3. Nah, Chelski have no chance against Messi & co. Barca won’t need the referee this time, but they will get the benefit as usual.

  4. I just finished watching a Justice League cartoon marathon on mine…lol now that’s Freedom.

    Oh I did spend yesterday watching the 6 episode series Jekyll a BBC production from 2007… loved it!

  5. Barca always get the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think there’s any conscious bias, but there seems to be a certain presumption during the critical 50/50 decisions.

    Chelsea will be on a high after doing Sperz on Sunday and I expect them to get nothing less than a draw tomorrow. If Torres starts he needs to have a big, big game and reacquaint himself with the idea of running.


    Really? So what was the market price for this wonderful Chilean service?

  7. Sounds like a great bargain you got there, Pete.
    But come on, stay the course here, walk the full walk (in terms of debate). Your point is about free markets providing, so Let’s examine this economically: If being able to watch that match was worth something to you, then obviously the providers of that service knew it was worth something, and so unless they were giving it away for free (which might be the case), then someone was having to pay money for it, somewhere down the line.
    Are you saying that you effectively stole, or freeloaded, that match? I mean, OK, Fair play if you did, nice one and all that, but if so, that has nothing to do with your point about free markets (unless I am completely misunderstanding the point here).

  8. Tom Tyler –

    In a nutshell, I freeloaded.

    The march of sport behind pay-TV firewalls (the match was on Sky Sports this evening), combined with the march of technology, have produced a flourishing black market in live streaming live sport.

    For example, on Saturday lunchtime Arsenal will play Chelsea. It’s on Sky but thousands will live stream it. The pictures will come from Qatar or Norway or somewhere else, but they won’t pay a penny for it.

    There are some dodgy sites purporting to provide a stream, but these are easily seen. I’ve found a good one, always with good quality images and no dodgyness about it.

    The price is that every ten minutes or so a small ad appears on the screen. Some sites will keep it there for 20 seconds or so before you can click it off. On the site I’ve found you can click it off immediately.

    And that’s it.

  9. If you have a monkey phobia, don’t watch this…but if you don’t, watch it until the end. Makes you want to kiss a German or a monkey…;-)

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