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For those who prefer their news slightly less biased than some news-sites I could mention, I would recommend the Time Magazine pages, especially when it comes to political analysis.

True, Time has always had its critics, especially when it comes to analysis of Israel’s position on just about anything, but as long as you remember that Time’s owners and editors have their own agendas, you won’t go too far amiss!

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6 thoughts on “The better side of journalism

  1. It’s high time the civilised parts of the world intervened to end the slaughter in Syria; It doesn’t have to get involved in the war, but it’s amazing the salutary effect destroying his air force on the ground can have on a village tyrant.

  2. Noel,

    It is true that the signs and pix of the slaughter are truly bad, but, if you read the Time piece, the possibilities down the road are even more problematic than the present.

    Plus Russia & China have learnt the lessons of Libya, especially when it comes to the language of a Resolution and how that language is interpreted, and we won’t be seeing F-16’s over Damascus just yet!

  3. Good idea Noel. Of course you have conclusive evidence that Assad’s psychos are in fact guilty? That the ‘angels’ from Al Queda who make up a lot of the Free (so called) Syrian army didn’t do it themselves so they could gull useful idiots by blaming their enemies? After all it’s not like they have form for that kind of thing is it.

    Seen this?


    Al Queda..pure as the driven snow eh?

  4. The Russian govt is not disturbed in the least by the huge loss of life. They think that Syria is a core interest of theirs. They will see an overthrow of Assad as a loss of face. The future is grim.

  5. If the ‘civilised’ powers wish to stop the slaughter in Syria, all they need do is cease arming the foreign insurgents who have invaded Syria:


    – The soldiers loyal to Bashar’s younger brother gave no quarter. “It was a slaughter, a massacre,” a Syrian with expert knowledge of the military told me. “A lot of the corpses were already bloated within hours, but you could tell some of them weren’t Syrian; there were Egyptians, Jordanians, Palestinians, one Turk, Sudanese …” He counted 70 bodies at one location, 42 of them non-Arab. The FSA said it lost only 20 men, and claimed that the Syrians emphasised the number of “foreign fighters” they found among the dead. “Syrian soldiers don’t like to think that they are shooting at fellow Syrians – they feel much more comfortable if they believe they are shooting at foreigners,” the young man said. –

  6. I am just glad at the concession that there is a civilized part of the world, as opposed to the rather uncivilized part which gets such a free pass from some quarters.

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