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AS I sit here watching Wales and France in Cardiff tonight, my thoughts turn to The Big One tomorrow. Aye, Ireland’s tenant farmer eggchasers pitch up to Rugby HQ tomorrow destined for a sound thrashing at the hands of England’s landowning rugger chaps.

I hear that Brian O’Driscoll has a bit of an injury and is struggling to make it. It would have to be a bit of a broken leg to keep him out, though I’ll be praying to the rugby Gods that a hamstring twang will do the trick. If England can remember the actual point of the game and stop kicking the damned ball straight to the opposition at every opportunity, home advantage will give them the edge.

If they revert to type (catch ball, react as if hair’s on fire, boot ball away), Ireland’s back three might have a field day.

England by five.

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15 thoughts on “THE BIG ONE

  1. Once again my homeland threw the game away with careless passing, particularly in the first half. I hope Ireland win and I think they will. My forecast is 24-10!

  2. Good victory and deserved win. England do underwhelm, don’t they? Complete lack of creativity and Wilko is ancient history. Plus, sack Martin Johnson.

  3. Had to go to a family meal. The room that was booked had no tv so had to keep getting up to head into the bar to watch the game. The main course came out five mins before the end. Was worth leaving it go cold.

  4. Petr, how could I not comment after you saying that?

    Have to say it wasn’t a great game but Ireland deserved to win if only for their greater ambition.

    A great victory for an all-Ireland team but the Grand Slam is gone.

  5. Yeah Daithi, you’ve pretty much sumed it up there. Just to add that the Grand Slam is also now gone for England!

  6. Well deserved win by Ireland made sweeter by the fact that they’ve denied England’s grand slam chances, [had horrible premonitions of having to endure English sports presenters and 1966 World Cupitis type jingoism].

    This year Ireland seem to be the new Scotland.

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