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I must be getting confused; or at least befuddled.

I did extremely well in Geography whilst at my school, and learned well all the names of the Empire nations, as well as being able to identify all the combatants from the extreme unpleasantness in the years following my birth from 1940 onwards. During my years at sea, I visited many major and minor ports in countries all around the globe, and as the years rolled by, I noticed many new names being added to the global roll-call. Some were re-named, many emerged from obscurity, and some were born from strife and conflict.

I watched as nation-states came forth, such as Ukraine, and all the new nations of the Caucasus after the death of the old Soviet Empire, and got used to all these changes.

But there is one thing which puzzles me greatly. I have so far been unable to locate a Nation which seems to have emerged in only the past two weeks, and is apparently doing rather well in some quaint local sports competition.

I am of course referring to that entity which is now known as ‘GB’.


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8 thoughts on “The birth of a ‘Nation’?

  1. You may know it by another name, Britian, the Great portion was dropped during the last Labour stint in power…

  2. Birth of a Nation

    That’s the name of an old film I think a few ATW people would appreciate.

  3. Certainly it was a cinematic milestone. So Petr If there’s a film about zombies would you want all graves dug up and the contents ground up to a fine powder? Just in case?

  4. First it was ” England ” as reference to the larger entity, used often, for centuries.

    ” GB expects that every man will do his duty “

  5. Yes but it was an important bit of film history and retroactively appying todays standards is dumb. I leave it to the revisionist historians.

    For example – The British Empire was a damn good thing (at the time) allowing us to bring civilisation to half the known world. Stopping them eating each other and killing the bloke down the road because he worships the sky pixie under a different name.

    I refuse to apologise for my countries history, including the 1812 burning of O’blimeys home.

    It happened..today we are different and thats enough ..in my opinion.

  6. Me and her have been travelling in the Baltic for a week, Estonia, then Denmak and now Sweden. You see the national flag everywhere in these countries, unlike in “GB”

    I think the reason may be that these are real countries and “GB” is a political construct, which will fracture into its old nations just as the USSR did.

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