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Old habits die hard. Comes the news that a 300lbs car bomb has been discovered near to a primary school in County Down here in Northern Ireland.

The bomb, which could have caused a substantial loss of life and much damage, was found in the back of a black Volkswagen Bora during a security operation in the village of Castlewellan, County Down, in Northern Ireland. The car was located in the Dublin Road and Burrenreagh Road area. An Army bomb disposal team carried out a detailed examination of the vehicle, while the surrounding area was searched.

Just a few comments.

1. When we hear the usual mantra from the political establishment that those behind this will achieve nothing because terrorism does not pay – should we laugh or weep?

2. Will Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness commend the bravery of the British Army in defusing this bomb?

3. I wonder what the target of this massive bomb was going to be? What sort of evil monsters spend their time planning such atrocities…….apart from the IRA, UVF, UDA, and whatever did happen to them?

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  1. David,

    I would make those c**ts look like that shadow on a doorway in Hiroshima…

  2. my question is do we know whether this was one various usual suspects or somthing from our new friends the follower of Allah?

    They found one what if there are several already placed in location oh and I just love the fact that this was set next to legitimate military target,


  3. my question is do we know whether this was one various usual suspects or somthing from our new friends the follower of Allah?

    No, it was just another follower of Yahweh.

    Anyway, get on with posting those oil links and quite trying to divert other topics.

  4. Troll

    No this wasn’t Muslims. Not everything wicked is caused by them you know. This will have been Republican terrorists and they will almost certainly have been waiting to drive it somewhere else. The target would not have been the school (and no, I am not making excuses for terrorists just being factual).

  5. Answers:

    1.Both, and fume at the same time.

    2.Will he hell ? He probably wishes it had went off when they were defusing it and blew them all to bits.

    3.Who knows. Maybe a police station or a town or city centre.Just that "evil monsters". Oh, hadn’t you heard. They’re all law abiding citizens and upstanding pillars of the community now. Why else would they have been released from prison like that?

    PS. Will the DUP be pressing JOINT first minister McGuinness to urge his fellow Republicans to shop these animals to the police, or would that be rocking the boat?

  6. Colm but that’s impossible there is no Irish terrorism, at least according to those that comment here.

    Oh but it’s OK to assemble a bomb of that magnatude next to a school I get it. As long as your gonna drive it somewhere else later

  7. The target is alleged to have been the Army base at nearby Ballykinler. They were interrupted in their plans to cause mass slaughter so had to leave the bomb near the school.They are victims!!! Still, as we say over here, terrorism does not pay………


    The recklessly barbaric idiots.

    However I can’t help thinking that if this schol had been a UN school then some of ATW’s commentators would have found reasons to justify it.

  9. The Troll, you underestimate the viciousness and inhumanity of the republicans. And no, not the followers of Yahweh, the followers of the Roman cult of Ba’al.

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