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Wonder what you make of this one then?

A midwife has spoken out after she was told to stop breastfeeding in a public swimming pool because the lifeguard thought it was ‘offensive’. Sophie Howes was swimming with her eight-month-old daughter Connie at a leisure centre in Ashford, Kent, when the baby started to get restless. The 27-year-old mother of two sat on the steps of the learner pool and began to feed her daughter – only to be asked to move by the manager of the facility.

I think the Pool manager did exactly the right thing and Sophie Hownes should know better. It’s not that there is anything wrong per se with breast feeding BUT there is such a thing as discretion and location.

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51 thoughts on “THE BREAST STROKE?

  1. // It’s not that there is anything wrong per se with breast feeding//

    Per se? There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding at all; and it should be done anywhere the baby wants.

  2. discretion and maturity are the key. My wife nursed both of ours for the first year and she never caused an “incident”.

    Feed your child just observe the rules of decency and no one will notice or care.

  3. Yes I agree — modesty is the real issue here.
    There’s not much of it around these days.
    If it became okay to blatantly breast feed in public, then what’s to stop women walking around topless if the weather got too hot?

    (I can feel Colm’s heavy breathing down my neck…..)

  4. He should have said that he found her breastfeeding “offensive”. He probably could have had her not just removed but arrested.

  5. //If it became okay to blatantly breast feed in public//

    //He probably could have had her not just removed but arrested.//

    No he couldn’t. A woman is legally (and of course morally) entitled to breastfeed her baby in public in England and in most other sane countries. In fact, the man was breaking the law by asking her to stop or leave. He could have been arrested and fined for his unlawful conduct.

  6. I think some people are more, how do I say this, in your face when it comes to breast feeding. While I support that mothers be able to breast feed I do think that some discretion is called for. It may be legal to do so where one pleases, but does that mean it is always an appropriate setting or moment? Too bad we only have a few women regulars, they could perhaps provide some perspective.

  7. Some discretion is indeed called for. Don’t stare and go about your business while the mother feeds her baby! What kind of mad society is it when breasts are exposed all over the news stands but can’t be taken out for their actual purpose. The experts tell us that breast is best for the baby so a breast feeding mother should not have to scuttle off to a toilet while a bottle feeding mother can feed where she finds herself.

  8. Are you kidding me??

    What a slob, this woman must be!

    I think – and I am pro breast feeding – that it sounds disgusting to sit in the pool water, on the steps, in order to nurse while in a public swimming pool.

    The mother with the wet restless baby should stand up – get out of the pool – locate her towel and a chair – dry the water off the baby and herself – and nurse the baby while sitting in a chair like every other woman with a modicum of common sense, decency and a some knowledge of public health and germ theory.

    You all do realize that babies quite often poop and pee while nursing?

  9. Because the breast has been overtly sensationalized and sexualized over the past forty years, it only makes sense for n*rsing mothers to practice reasonable p*blic discretion.

    My * isn’t working.

  10. I agree with Henry and Patty. They both make good points that stand out abreast of the rest 🙂

  11. How many bottle-feeding mothers does one encounter in a pool?

    Is there anywhere where advocates of unlimited public breast feeding think might, just might, call for a scintilla of discretion? A Conga line? At a wake? While reporting the news? At a business meeting? During a job interview?

    Is the return to common sense such a long journey?

  12. ///call for a scintilla of discretion? A Conga line? At a wake? While reporting the news? At a business meeting? During a job interview?//

    How about the mother does it anywhere you can have a Snack. Is it indiscrete to pull out a bottle of coke and a sandwich at a business meeting or a wake?

    Breastfeeding isn’t a sexual, rude, unhygenic or impolite act. The law recognises this and reflects common sense and common attitudes. A woman is perfectly entitled to breastfeed in public. Anyone who hinders or annoys her, including the cafe owner who tells her to stop or move away, is breaking the law.

  13. Noel – I think anywhere you can have a snack is probably a good start. And I don’t think breastfeeding per se is sexual, rude, unhygienic or impolite. My wife did it (with twins mind you).

  14. Call me heartless but I don’t think children who need nappies should be allowed in public swimming pools.

    Sign seen at a private pool: “I don’t swim in your toilet; don’t pee in my pool.”

  15. Patty

    I think the younger children can be introduced to water the better. I think the hygiene issue is important. Maybe there should be special babies/toddlers sessions just before the water is changed, 🙂

  16. It wasn’t the act of breastfeeding that caused offense to the lifeguard, it was the fact that the recipient was a middle aged Essex man who answered to the name of Pete 😉

  17. I thought Pete was over in LA having some dispute about guns with a TSA guard in the airport.

  18. I wouldn’t have made the comment above if I’d known, as I now see, that the guard has since died. Apologies.

  19. Phantom: “Just another day in NRA occupied America, nothing to see.”

    by all means, take advantage of this without knowing any of the facts to push your left wing gun control agenda…

    how’s your ObamaCare working out, btw….finally we can be like the rest of the world as you so wished and embrace a substandard medical system based on centrally redistributed resources and resultant shortages

  20. Patty

    You’ve been making some really good comments on this thread, and now your’re back in robotic slogan mode.

    The US has a very big anger / violence / gun violence in particular problem as compared with all other peer, developed countries.

    You never want to face up to it when there is a shooting, and you never want to face up to it when there’s not a shooting, so that leaves very little time for honest discussion.

    I’m as left wing as the police chiefs of America. They’re on my side. How is your radio reception today?

  21. Patty

    As a New Jersey native, you really don’t want to be using East Coast as any kind of epithet.

  22. Talking of Tits ..

    Barry Oblimey is starting to make the ex Prime minister Gordon McMental Brown look like a statesman

    ‘This is nothing less than a profile in cowardice’: Obama refuses to speak at 150th anniversary of GettysburgBarack Obama will not attend the 150th anniversary celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on November 19
    Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will represent him

    Some Pennsylvania newspapers have accused the president of ‘cowardice’

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  23. // Obama refuses to speak at 150th anniversary of GettysburgBarack Obama will not attend the 150th anniversary celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address on November 19

    Some Pennsylvania newspapers have accused the president of ‘cowardice’//

    How could it be cowardice? Do they think the battle is still going on?

  24. Kateyo

    I see what I regard to be rampant fraud and abuse in the Food Stamp program up close and personally when at the supermarket.

    Including by vailed ” immigrants ” just arrived off the boat from East Bumfuck.

    These guys eat better than working class Americans do.

    The program needed a haircut.

    Being a supporter of Safety Nets does not mean you can’t question how they work.

  25. Including by vailed ” immigrants ” just arrived off the boat from East Bumfuck.

    Your ancestors arrived on that boat too.

  26. And they arrived legally, via a process thatbthey completely respected, unlike many ” immigrants ” now.

    And were sponsored by relatives who guaranteed their support for a period of time after arrival.

    Despite some hard times, they never took a penny from the dole – they’d starve first. I do not jest.

    It is impossible ro contemplate anyone moving across the seas, only to become a welfare recipient or food stamp user upon arrival, perhaps for life.

  27. My problems are many with Food Stamps.

    They are a crutch, and there is astonishing waste in it, very visible to anyone who looks

  28. There’s waste in all programmes, especially if dealing with food. I read some schools are trying to feed hungry kids in certain areas of america

  29. I know / knew many.

    No one touched ” welfare “. In anyone I knew. It was a great shame.

    Those with hard times would accept aid from family or Church, but not the govt.

    This was a very common attitude among Irish, Italians, Scandinavians in my area until very recent days.

    There would be exceptions I am sure, but I knew of none.

  30. Phantom if you are illegal you won’t go near the government, it’s family or community that helps you out.

    Family connections aren’t what they once were, neither are the bonds of community.

    If kids are hungry their parents will go where necessary surely.

    There is a problem with immigration in the west and language and perception are being skewed to serve bias against these people, at the end of the day, they are there and Ned to eat, but it’s mainly low paid Americans benefiting from these programmes just like in Britain or Ireland, it’s the working poor suffering most rather than those the govt fully supports. Hence programes like this.

  31. I don’t claim that the codes of the past were 100 percent correct either.

    It is very wrong for any extended social benefits to be given to recent arrivals – here or there. They serve as a huge attraction, and they diminish the Social Safety Nets that could be serving your own people.

    Its all set up wrong.

  32. Phantom do you really think free food is a draw? There are govt ministers who say free food gives people something for nothing, as if queuing up in the rain for a handout is something desirable rather than a necessity. As if there was dignity in it.

    If there was full employment throughout the west I would agree with you, but many jobs are that low paid with food prices rising and bills going up means an awful lot of people simply cannot manage. It’s these low paid workers and their children being fed by programmes like this, not just immigrants.

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