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I believe it was another Democrat President in the form of Harry Truman who declared that the buck stops here as he accepted that HE was responsible for what happened when he was in office. But thoroughly modern Obama, holidaying in the Hawaiian sunshine, knows better. He has lashed out at US intelligence services accusing them of “systemic” failure as records the attempted Detroit Jihad attack. 

Mr Obama said he considered the intelligence and security failures to be “totally unacceptable”. The US needed to learn from the incident and act quickly to fix flaws in the system, he said.

Quite so – but here’s a shout out to Obama, YOU are the guy in charge and YOU have been in office for almost a year. Why were these failures not fixed during this time? Was it not a priority?

Why did Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Supremo, think that the system had worked well as the jolly Nigerian failed to detonate himself in the sky over Detroit? If Obama was serious, he would SACK Napolitano. But instead he vents anger at the security services knowing they cannot answer back  -before contemplating another game of golf.

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10 thoughts on “THE BUCK DOES NOT STOP HERE…

  1. I agree. There is no reason why he should not have made it a priority to overcome the inadequate security measures and misplaced priorities that have been in place since before 9/11. It is unacceptable as he said, but what is unacceptable is that he’s maintianed the stus quo.

    While I would not sack a person of Napolitano’s level based merely on an attack itself (as there are bound to be attacks) her instictive cover your ass statement that everything worked (in advance of her backtracking) lead me to believe that er dismissal would be an appropriate step AND would signal an intolerance of complacency.

    Instead, we’ll be confiscating baby bottles, lipstick and nail clippers in a showboating delusion while failing to properly address actual dangers.

  2. Accurate, appropriate and deserved criticism of Obama would have more potent effect David than the automatic knee jerk, "let’s attack him every time he breaths" mantra that you and Patty and Troll and others engage in. His comments about security and intelligence flaws are just plain obvious common sense, yet you attack him for them. I think there is nothing that he could say or do that would prevent you from sniping at him. I bet if he had sacked Napolitano you would have accused him of a panicky overreaction and Patty and co would have lined up behind you.

  3. Colm – Also true. And the clanging noise of constant criticism of varying degrees of merit from the far right mute the valid criticism and allow the Obama administration to dismiss times of valid criticism as mere partisanship.

  4. Colm

    I buy into what Truman said and believe ALL politicians should follow it. Obama’s response concerns me – kicking the dog that can’t bark is not credible. Also, Napolatino is hopeless as some of us pointed out at the time! I think Mahons first comment is spot on, however.

  5. The usual dramatic rubbish from a President well out of his depth.

    There was no "systemic failure" of American security and intelligence services. "Systemic failure" is a technical term implying systems overload, fatigue, lackadaisical processes and leadership failure at all levels. So, all the components of the system need replacement by a more appropriate model.

    Is this really what he means? Of course not, he just can’t help being a show pony pretending to run to the rescue of something which apparently can be saved only with Obama’s wise touch.

    Someone cocked up, that’s what happened. There was no "systemic failure" of the services.

    Where he might well find it is in the discredited and dangerous political ideology to which he subscribes. We know Marxist cultural terror forces political and bureaucratic cringing in the face of minorities. This is the very point of it. It’s what allowed a muslim a clear run to kill thirteen at Fort Hood.

    What we need to know is whether someone cringed in fear of their career rather than flag up a Nigerian muslim.

  6. In 1993 shortly after Clinton took office, I conducted was part of a vip protection detail that went to NYC to protect an Isreali high ranking official. The question was asked, if their was any threat on the principal during the intel breifing? The answer was no. Shortly after we left, the First world trade center was attacked. Lesson Learned, major intelligence failure or due to third agency rule from 1974 Church-Hyde Amendment due to third agency rule. Intelligence failures are not so much intelligence and security agency failures, but systemic and policy failures. We have spent billions and billions on DHS and the (un)Patriot Act. Why, well they aren’t watching terrorists so much as citizens for political purposes. LBJ used Hoover’s FBI in this manor and Obama is using Bush’s monster to do the same. The creation of an internal security apparatus in the United States is a truly ominous sign. A) it is not working, and B) it wastes taxpayer money, C) Political Correctness needs to be taken out of the equation in dealing with terrorism, D) Repeal Church-Hyde and free the intelligence and security agencies to do their work, E) The current people in power are watching us, and not "Terrorists", unless you consider anyone politically opposed to your agenda a "Terrorist" wheather they have committed a crime or not…. Dismantle DHS, repeal the Patriot Act, and fire Nepolitano. She is a total incompetent, a tool, and more concerned with Obama’s political opposition and not offending the terrorists. The terrorist attack at Fort Hood is a text book case of this analysis. I spent a combined time of over 50 years in the "military, security, and law enforcement industry". I have three college degrees related to this industry industry and used to teach a course on terrorism. My vision is quite clear on this problem and they are not going to fix it anytime soon. A major terrorist attack with WMD is more than likely given the performance of current officials who are charged to deal with this trust than at anytime since 9/11/2001.

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