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This government has presided over a series of events leading to the loss of very sensitive data on MILLIONS of British people. The latest announced today is that a computer drive with the private details of a huge proportion of Armed Forces
personnel is missing,
the Ministry of Defence said today.

“The portable drive contains the names, addresses, passport numbers, dates of
birth and driving licence details of around 100,000 serving personnel across
the Army, Royal Navy and RAF, plus their next-of-kin details.It also has data on 600,000 potential services applicants and the names of
their referees. Officials are “not ruling out” the risk that bank account details of
personnel were held on the drive, which belonged to its IT contractor EDS. The department said it learned of the loss on Wednesday and MoD Police were
investigating. The missing drive is the latest information security breach to hit the MoD. In
July it admitted 658 of its laptops had been stolen over the past four years
and 26 portable memory sticks containing classified information had been
either stolen or misplaced since January.”

Problem is – this happens all the time now and yet no-on takes the blame, no one is sacked. Incompetence is institutionalised and Government merely shrugs and moves on to the next debacle.  

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