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As you know, Green Taxes are just another means of extorting cash from us. The “saving the planet” veneer is window dressing since there can be no connection between taxation and the global climate!

Ministers were accused of saddling consumers with pointless green taxes last night – as new figures revealed surging imports from developing countries that rely on ‘dirty’ power. Successive governments have boasted that a cocktail of green taxes and expensive wind farms has helped to curb carbon dioxide emissions blamed for global warming. But new official figures reveal that Britain’s so-called ‘carbon footprint’ has increased by 20 per cent in the last two decades as we import ever more from developing countries like China that rely on dirty coal-fired power stations.

So, our carbon footprint increases along with out taxes. What to do?

I can already see the lightbulbs going on in the minds of the eco-fantasists. Tax more! Of course. Oh, and turn the lights out!

I have a better idea. How about we forget all about this carbon footprint lunacy, develop a much more comprehensive UK nuclear energy infrastructure and ensure we import as little energy needs as possible?

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  1. Sounds good to me. But there again, I believe that we can only return to prosperity when we once more provide plentiful cheap energy. What is more we can do it once we cast expensive green energy projects (particularly windmills) aside.

  2. I like renewable energy / alternates and am for every step towards efficiency that technology can lead us to.

    But my suspicious antennae come up every time the word taxes come up. Some of these guys have an agenda that has little to do with green ways.

  3. “As you know, Green Taxes are just another means of extorting cash from us.”

    Yup, just like the hundreds of other “stealth” taxes.

    Sound’s like the seeds for “green taxes” were germinated in the basement of Leinster House on Kildare Street just like the rest.

  4. what green product can replace the diesel used in shipping? What green product can replace the jp4 that powers aircraft?

    there are non, so unless your country can sustain itself with no exporting or importing the only green energy is the energy of profit for the minions of the cult of man made global warming

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