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This is shocking and belies a level of incompetence that almost defies description…

Patients have unleashed their fury at a surgeon suspected of botching 1,000 breast cancer operations. One woman, who was among scores allegedly given a needless mastectomy by Ian Paterson, said: ‘Put him in a room with all 1,000 of us and let us hack away at his body.’ Others said Mr Paterson, 54, had robbed them of their femininity. The surgeon has been suspended from his job and is being investigated by police over allegations that he convinced 450 healthy women to have operations they did not need.  He is also accused of performing partial mastectomies on a further 700 patients – which may have increased the likelihood of them developing cancer.

How could he have been SO incompetent? It is awful so many women have endured the stress of  unnecessary masectomy. Was there no system in place to check that these procedures were necessary? Do these consultants do what they want without oversight?

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2 thoughts on “THE CARING NHS..

  1. It almost makes me sort of glad I became ill in Eastern Europe?

    Untill I was handed a bill for 15,000 Euros ;-(

  2. David,

    “How could he have been SO incompetent?”

    If incompetence it was. Strikes me as being symptomatic of narcissistic personality disorder, coupled with a large dollop of misogyny.

    Shades of Harold Shipman?

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