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 Northern Ireland's new First Minister Peter Robinson and his wife Iris behind his desk after being nominated as First Minister in the Parliament Buildings

This is what DUP MP Iris Robinson had to say last month when giving an interview to the Newsletter..

During the interview in early November, the MP for Strangford was asked if she had any plans to retire, to which she replied: “I don’t think I could ever retire,” and added, “I’ve so much still to do and so much want to be part of the political life because I see good times ahead. When you love what you do it’s a gift.”

This is what DUP MP Iris Robinson had to say yesterday…

“The stress and strain of public life comes at a cost and my health has suffered. Regrettably I have concluded, after considering the matter over Christmas and discussing it with Peter, who has always been most supportive and caring, that I can no longer maintain the high standard of service I require of myself, meet the demands of office and cope with the pressures of public life without my health deteriorating yet further.

A dramatic change of opinion in less than eight weeks? Have we been given the full story?

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  1. The change of opinion in eight weeks could be down to the illness. Maybe you are looking at the fall of the house of paisley and this dup thingy and taking it a little too seriously;-) reports in the media say the dupers were very surprised.

  2. Maybe the publicity of the expenses scandal gave her indigestion? I wonder if she wrote her resignation note with that £300 Mont Blanc pen (+£8 for the refill, of course) ?

  3. First Paisley, now Robinson….the price of betrayal is high..

    Iris going had nothing to do with going into government with SF. On tonights bbc news there was great sympathy for her in her own constituency, no one sees this as resulting from betrayal. Why do you think its from betrayal, and who do you think will be co opted in her place as an MLA, and do you think Jim Shannon will get picked to go for the westminister seat?

  4. G,

    Simon Hamilton will get the co-opt and whether Jim Shannon becomes the MP will be for the electorate to decide.

  5. David, As someone who has struggled for years ,whilst not diagnosed clinically, but suspects they have deep bouts of depression, possibly bi-polar disorder – I can vouch that it can cause erratic behaviour and in severe bouts interrupt work and family life – these bouts are often `papered over` by way of illnessas an excuse, quite often without any diagnoses of depression or any notion within a family circle that someone has depression. I say, fair play to Iris for being so forthright!

  6. Alan,

    Thanks for sharing and I wish you well with your own struggle.

    I would respect Iris a bit more if she stood down right now and let’s allow the people to speak….

  7. I was reading today about the death of a Labour MP and how the govt. may not call a by-election as they could get away with not doing so becasue there will be a general election by May 2010. I think this is wrong. It should not be an option. There should automatically be a by-election within 3 months maximum of a seat being vacated for whatever reason. It should not be up to the seat holding party to decide these things.

  8. Colm the co opt is for a stormont seat which isn’t really due to change before the GE, unless something unforseen happens like the DFM resigning over P&J. Now I’d love to see that, if that were to happen an election would be called and a date given for it for Stormont within seven days, but the general rule is if there is agreement then no by election for Stormont at least. I’m not sure I fully agree with you on by election having to take place unless of course there is disagreement, the seat holding party keeping the seat does not damage democracy in any way. Elections are expensive, and too many are disruptive to on going work imv.

  9. G

    Of course a political party holding the seat and appointing a new holder in a Westminster constituency damages democracy. Our parliamentary system is based on voting for candidates NOT parties. If the candidate the constituents chose no longer holds the seat then there must be another election. The party the seat holder belongs to is irrelevent.

  10. Of course a political party holding the seat and appointing a new holder in a Westminster constituency damages democracy.

    Yes but perhaps I didn’t explain myself too well, I’m talking of the co opt as regards Stormont. The mandatory coalition aspect of things lessens the individual MLA and strengthens the party aspect imv. Since they all have to work together anyway and to be on the same page before anything gets done what is the point of having frequent by elections in this case, and it doesn’t really impact on democracy in any meaningful way, the impact is built in with everyone having to agree anyway.

  11. G

    Well I live in London and am only thinking about the great mother of parliaments, not your quaint little dolls house in N.I. 😉

  12. Colm

    In general I would agree with you but I am not sure that it is a good use of public money to have a bi election which might only give us a candidate for a few months,

  13. aileen. I am never wrong (but always modest) . You would do better to always agree with me. You won’t go far wrong in life if you follow that sound advice 🙂


    It’s always better to choose a Muslim sex doll. They blow themselves up !!

  14. So Iris is a looper. Next they’ll be telling us Gerry has no sense of humour and there’s a problem with paedos in Irish Catholic society.

  15. Off-topic, I know, but that Iris is one lovely woman. If I were Peter I’d ditch all my day-jobs and stay at home with her.

  16. "sounds like she may be Bi-polar"

    Doesn’t she think they are an abomination as well?

    In all seriousness, mental illness is not something I’d wish on anyone. I wish her a speedy recovery.

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