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We’re not Chechens.

It seems that the geographically challenged have been confudling their Czechs and Chechens this week. You can see why the Czech Ambassador to Washington would want to clear up any misunderstandings/smack a few idiots around the head with an atlas. Events this week can easily result in someone being attacked for having a funny accent.

It reminds of Euro ’96 and the evening England lost to Germany in the semi-final. You know the idiots will be come out after something like that, and lo a German student was stabbed in Brighton after the match (he survived). Except he was Russian and not German, a subtle detail probably lost on top-level idiots.

This week’s mix-ups have been on social media, which goes to show that you can lead an idiot to all the information in the world but an idiot is still an idiot.

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  1. The Czechs have been very supportive to the UK in the corridors of the EU.

    Fundamental muslims and their inbred hatred of the US is again evidenced by the wanton bombing of Boston.

    On a cynical note, many have expressed wishes that people from Boston might think twice about contributing to the coffers of the ira cowards, as they know now how we feel.

    I think it is decades too late and hope that EVERYONE can live and let lives.

  2. Still a faraway country with people of whom they know nothing.

    Names of countries can be confusing; even erudite minds like Ronald Reagan thought Ecuador was in Africa, and planes still occasionally land in Ljubljana Airport with delegates wishing to attend a congress in Slovakia.

    In the US General Assembly the delegate for Ireland is seated between Iraq and Israel, and I think that my country should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for this position alone.
    Conor Cruise O’Brien, whose bum once occupied the seat, told a few funny incidents about what he heard from his immediate neighbours.

  3. Reagan was suffering from an awful infliction, just like Billy Clinton who didn’t have sexual relations with a stained Monica.


    C’OB was and remains a legend and for once (!) an Irishman who told the truth.

    He hated terrorism, and so do I.

    I wish him and Thatcher were thirty years younger.

  4. LU, CC O’B went crazy about 30 years ago, is that what you mean?

    His later writings were beyond parody, beyond insane.

  5. Noel,

    total bellexs.

    C’O’B was an academic that even the embittered fitzgerald et al acknowledged.

    Terrorism should be PUNISHED, not rewarded.

  6. Prague is a great city to visit. The Czechs have had a difficult history and have only been truly independent for 20 years or so.

  7. I know it better than y’all.

    Charles Bridge…ach.

    Nope, not giving any more info,

    good luck.


  8. Not the most geographically savvy people you yanks. BTW don’t worry about lots of armed troops in Georgia it’s not the Russian one and they are in fact YOUR troops..

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