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Sticking with the theme of Islam for a moment more, this story was also brought to my attention.

The Dean of Koranic studies at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) has given a TV interview in which he talks about hopes for the conquest of Andalusia (Spain) and for the capture of Rome.

OK, no big surprise there, it’s what they do.

The Boston Globe has shown how the IUG is linked to Hamas and..quelle surprise- the Muslim Brotherhood.

OK, no big surprise there either. It’s also what they do.

No, what IS surprising is that this University preaching global conquest and jihad is the recipient of over $1 MILLION from the US Government.

Is that how you want to see your taxes being spent?

The EU, unsurprisingly, ALSO funds this University.

It amazes me that our Governments are so blase at providing funding to Institutions like this which see to conquer us. It’s almost as if they wish to succumb?

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2 thoughts on “THE DEAN AND I…

  1. How much does the EU give to them, David?

    And why oh why is America giving a million dollars?

    A million dollars…that is difficult to understand for sure..

  2. Get some perspective on this. A minior cleric of an expansionist religion declares that he wants to capture the seat of Christianity (yeah, whatever) yet the leading military nation of the world has bases in and effective control of all of the countries in the middle east which are sunni-muslim. Syria still resists though for how long as the military-propaganda complex increases its efforts by killing indiscriminately then blaming Assad. In Yemen and Pakistan, drones kill hundreds but little is mentioned.

    The solution is simple: get our armies out of their countries and their settlers out of ours.

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