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Mayhem, Riots, and Court Stuffing……

The bobble head himself states the Democrat priority and talking point….. EXPAND THE COURT…

The summer before the last election the Democrats organized riots that burned and looted cities all across the nation causing Billions in damages and the loss of over 30 lives (their count, actual number was above 100). They Funded, Cheered, and Bailed out the Rioters. The Vice President even paid the Bail of those few that were arrested.

Now they’ve violated the sacred trust of the Supreme Court to cause Riots & Mayhem just as the Primary Elections started. Now that could be coincidence the leaking of the Brief the day before the first Primaries, but I doubt it. What concerns me even more is that only one City rioted so far.

LA the Democrats took to the streets, attacking Businesses, People, and the Cops and LA would not even be effected. There was no Primary and California will NEVER restrict Abortion. The overturning of RvW does one thing and one thing only. It turns the issue of Abortion back over to the States and to the people to decide via Voting. This to Democrat is Unacceptable. The President even said so….

The Democrat Party has only 2 Issues, Racism & Abortion. The last election they used Racism to burn the cities and motivate their voters. This election it looks like they are planning to use Abortion to motivate their supporters to Riot.

Even though I am sure I will be writing about abortion off and on for the next few months because of this stupidity I want to make my position VERY CLEAR. Unlike a “Journalist” that pretends to be Neutral, I will give you my position on the subject so that there is no doubt or ability to twist my views.

I am Pro-Choice. I also believe that LIFE begins at Conception, and the Woman is Murdering her Child no matter when she gets an Abortion.

Abortion in the first 3 months should be Legal and Safe, because unplanned things happen. After the first Trimester unless the Mother will die from the pregnancy it should be Illegal and anyone who gets one past that time, or performs one past those first 3 months should be charged and tried with First Degree Premeditated Murder. PERIOD.

This post however is not about Abortion, it is about what is about to come.

What is about to come is another summer of Democrat Party Riots.

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