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Americans in general do not trust Politics, Politicians or the Institutions of Government. After all the nation was founded on the rebellion of it. Society can not function without government though, so ours was designed to be a neutered beast unable to grow and multiply on it’s own of it’s own volition. Over the past 240 years we have forgotten why this nation was formed as a place of Liberty and Freedom. We have allowed the beast to grow to gain power and strength far from original intent. The past 60yrs have seen that beast mutate into exactly what it was never meant to be a Tyranny.

The generations since the 60s that have peopled our government and our government schools have flipped the notion of by the people, for the people, into the Government knows best, do as you’re told, these beliefs are Lenin and Marx based than Hamilton and Jefferson.

The last institution of our government that still held the illusion of a the U.S. being a Nation of Law and not a Nation of Man was the Supreme Court. Where we have watched politics play out in who gets placed on the court. The qualification of using the Constitution as the Rosetta Stone to interpret whether or not a Law was valid has been washed from the court. It has been removed so far that if a Judge makes a Constitutional stand they are labeled a radical extremist.

We do not allow Cameras in the Court, this rule exists so that no outside influence can be exerted over any of the Justices. When cable television came into existence we put Cameras in the House of Representatives, and the Senate, so they people may watch the deliberations to see how our elected officials represented the people of their district and state, that we can reach out and influence our representatives based on how they did their duty.

The Supreme Court was not included in the camera coverage because the Justices aren’t supposed to be influenced by anything, but the Law. The Justices Hear the cases for the most part in Private, and their deliberations and decision making between themselves being private has always been sacrosanct.

Until now….

Someone of the Democrat influence violated 240 some odd years of trust and tradition and leaked a decision before it was finalized and made public. It was done for one reason and one reason alone POLITICS.

The idea of Roe vs Wade being overturned is so blasphemous to the Democrats that no trust, no tradition, no Law, may ever be allowed to interfere with it. Anything and everything that threatens it’s standing must be destroyed by any and all means. The Law be Damned.

One of the Democrat Judges on the Court leaked this brief to Politico. Not for the purpose of public debate, but to rile the mob. To create chaos and violence to change what looks like a majority vote on the court to overturn Roe vs Wade through political violence.

This leak is such an egregious violation of the process that a Special Prosecutor should be named to investigate which Judge leaked this brief and that Judge should be Impeached and if found guilty removed from the court.

No other course can restore faith and confidence in the court. The Democrats have now successfully destroyed the trust in every Branch and Department in the Federal Government.

God save the Republic.

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