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Obama continues to sun himself in Hawaii while allowing underlings to speak for him regarding the failure of the Homeland Security Department to prevent the Christmas terror attack on an American airline.

Also, Obama puts his golf swing first and has no comment on the recent death and oppression in the streets of Tehran as Iranian protestors continue to agitate and march against totalitarian forces in their country.

Obama is AWOL, and this is a good thing.

In fact, I wish Obama would just stay in Hawaii playing golf, and doing sit-ups.   

America is better off without Obama’s peculiar style of cynical, apologetic, bullying yet indecisive, ineffective “leadership.”  

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81 thoughts on “The Dude is AWOL

  1. Yeesh

    If that’s a current photo, that could be like the Dukakis in the tank image

    But the point is bullshit. Presidents should take vacation. This is a cheap shot.

    He can and perhaps should be crucified on other things – including hiring the likes of Janet Napolitano to any important job.

  2. Presidents are never on vacation. Whether in Hawaii, or Texas a President takes the White House with him.

    The fact that he is incompetant, is surrounded by incompetants, moaists and marxists THATS the problem.

  3. I’m not taking a cheap shot. I think he should remove himself from the Office of the Presidency on a permanent basis. The country is better off without him.

  4. One positive thing about Obama is – He’s only got three more years as President. Then we will have another first…..a Real First Lady…President Sarah Palin. Roll on 2012

  5. Phantom, I’m GLAD he’s in Hawaii sunning and surfing. I wish he would stay there and not return to Washington DC.

    Seriously, I think America is better with NO President, than with Obama.

  6. Yes Phantom….and who ridiculed him?…Yes, correct……the Marxists, Socialists, sorry…..the Democrats. [same thing really]. One thing GW didn’t do, was bow and scrape to our enemies, as the One has continually done. Only 3 years to go…..!!!!! Thank the Lord !!

  7. what book is he reading? It’s yellow aren’t all those "Something For Dummies" books yellow…….

  8. Grizzly/Troll: lol!

    maybe he’s reading:

    "Homeland Security for Dummies"

    or maybe:

    "How to Issue Miranda Rights to Guys with Explosives Strapped on their Groins"

  9. Off Topic

    anyone else getting bounced out? Every time I post on the flight 253 post I get logged out. It’s happened like 3 times now.

  10. No one has matched Bush for being away from the White House for vacation purposes. It was his greatest legacy.

  11. But the point is bullshit. Presidents should take vacation. This is a cheap shot.

    Absolutely, but it’s no way the first cheap shot from Patty and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

    Obama puts his golf swing first and has no comment on the recent death and oppression in the streets of Tehran as Iranian protestors continue to agitate and march against totalitarian forces in their country.

    No – the Administration did condemn the most recent murders carried out by Amaheadbanger’s goons.

  12. Peter: "it’s no way the first cheap shot from Patty"

    how many times do I have to say it — it’s not a cheap shot. I’m not criticizig the Dude for staying in Hawaii and doing his push-ups. I’m glad Obama is AWOL — less Obama the better.

    Any day now, I’m afraid, Obama will show up on TV apologizing for the terrorist and blaming the hero/passenger who took him down.

  13. Patty

    You can’t help yourself. Your first two sentences are clearly a dig at him being on holiday. Your attempts tp detract from that by claiming you want him to take a ‘permanent holiday’ does not detract from the fact that you are using this incident to have a go at him. It does not matter what he did you would have objected. If he cut short the holiday , sacked the head of Homeland Security and announced an immediate toughening up on all entry visas for foreign Muslims you would have squealed that he was ‘hysterically overreacting’.

  14. Colm: wrong. I don’t think the Federal Government is the answer. I think we’re better off without TSA – the agency supposedly screening the passengers.

    The moral of this tale – Flight 253 – is that we civilians are on our own. Thank god the Dutch producer who jumped the terrorist and put out the flames did so – instead of "staying in his seat" and "not panicking"

    I think they should disban the TSA. Private airlines should be responsible for their own security and screening. Very quickly airlines that don’t screen properly will go out of business. Airlines could stop hounding grandmas in the name of political correctness and start looking at young men from Muslim countries – and London – and ask proper questions of young men traveling without luggage, and apparently without passport.

    We are on our own, and if I find myself near anyone who looks like a terrorist idiot – I will find myself either removing myself from the flight – or monitoring the situation ready to jump and strangle the guy into submission if he attempts to light his pants, pockets, balls, foot, telephone, etc. on fire. They can sue me later.

    I’m not going to sit around while idiot politicians like Obama does sit-ups in Hawaii, with his private well secure jet.

  15. And they should find this idiot terrorist’s mosque and arrest the leaders of the mosque.

    It is idiotic for us sheeple to sit around and let a few moronic fundamentalist islamists control the situation while our politicians dither and look the other way.

  16. Without the federal regulation many private airlines would do less screening, and I prefer not to have their planes dropping on my City and others in what you might describe as merely poor marketing.

  17. Very quickly airlines that don’t screen properly will go out of business.

    How many times have we heard this type of stuff. Nonsense.

    And what do you do about the foreign airlines? Should Egyptair or Saudi Airlines be able to fly into LAX using only the guidelines they think are appropriate?

  18. Mahons: I think that without the Fed in the way, the airlines would do the screening they need to do – not the screening they are mandated to do in the name of political correctness.

    No airline wants to lose a plane and passenger to terrorism.

    If you were a business man and not a lawyer you would realize that if airlines were responsible for their screening practices, and they failed and let a terrorism on the plane, they would quickly lose business to their competitors — and be out of business quickly.

  19. "How many times have we heard this type of stuff. Nonsense"

    Personally, I’ve never heard it even suggested.

    You put your believe in the Fed. — well, good luck with that.

    The Fed. Government is no different than private industry except they are less accountable and therefore less efficient, and far more corrupt.

  20. Patty

    The opposite could happen. Don’t you think there is the possibility then of a race to be ‘the most secure’ with airlines bending over backwards to prove their security credentials. Little old grannies (and everyone else) could find themsleves being strip searched and internally probed ever time they boarded a flight .

  21. No airline wants to lose a plane and passenger to terrorism.

    No, but nobody wants to spend money either.

    Don’t believe me? See how easy it is to enter a hotel in NY or Los Angeles and get into an elevator to any upper floor. It is easy as pie.

    Your absolute, unquestioning, naive faith in private industry is touching.

    i have faith in nobody, private or public, except maybe El Al. And I’m not sure about them.

  22. Colm: no, I don’t think this. Unless a granny is found with explosives tied to her groin.

    The fact is that airlines are a business, and must make money.

    Private industry doesn’t have tax payer deep pockets to draw from – like the federal government – so unless grannies blow up planes, they will not search grannies. Airlines have to think of the "cost" versus the "benefit" of every action. And the "cost" of searching everybody would be too great and would drive them as quickly out of business, as a plane dropping from the sky would.

    The cost of strip searching young men from Muslim countries traveling without luggage, and without passport – would be very small, however – because there are very few idiots like this out there, thank god.

    I’ll bet airlines could even hire a couple experts in islam to interview potential terrorists (young men from Muslim countries – and London) and ascertain very quickly – without a strip search – if they are a risk to an airplane.

    And therefore, the Richard Reids amongst us would get carefully looked over before boarding – allowing the rest of us some deserved privacy.

  23. BTW

    El Al is now all or partially privately owned, but they established their draconian security measures at a time when they were wholly owned by the government.

    Despite the fact that they were the No. 1 target of every ratbag Arab / lefty terror gang in the world, they became the most secure airline in the world once these measures were put in place.

  24. Patty

    You continue to miss every imaginable point. Grannies must be searched. There are grannies in Chechnya, you do realize…….And it is believed that it was Chechen women ( black widows ) who blew up more than one Russian plane in flight.

    Not all that long ago either…..

    Read this and then tell me you don’t want " granny " to be searched.

  25. Colm and the rest, you guys must clink when you walk. In other words you’ve got brass balls. Mahons couldn’t still stop himself from attacking Bush’s so called vacations. So attacking Patty for doing what your STILL guilty of is a piss.

    A President of the United States is NEVER on vacation. They take everything with them if they chose never to step foot in DC they would still be able to do their job.

    You want to stop the threats to Airlines, the US, Great Britain or any other nation is simple. Kill the enemy, cause the enemy so much pain that every time they think of attacking us they shudder at the thought of the consequences PERIOD

  26. Lets just say some presidents have better work ethic than others while in the White House or away

  27. Troll – So by your view, President Obmama is not on vacation. How comforting.

    As for killing the enemy it ain’t quite like Minority Report where we can anticipate exactly who tha tmay be.

  28. "Grannies must be searched"

    I don’t know why, but that exclamation made me laugh. I can imagine Phantom protesting at JFK airport holding up his ‘GRANNIES MUST BE SEARCHED NOW ! WHO KNOWS WHAT’S IN THOSE OLD BLOOMERS ‘ banner

  29. They are sheeple, Grizzly/Troll.

    They want the Fed. to direct their every action, and they are willing to pay for this "security."

    Ignorant of history – somehow oblivious to the fact that liberty, free markets, and self reliance have historically performed far better than reliance on the Federal Govt.

    Count me out, Phantom. You can keep your holy government. I’m not interested.

  30. Patty

    You live on slogans, I’ll stick to the real world if you don’t mind

    A government run airline ( El Al ) was and remains the safest in the world, despite the fact that it was easily the No. 1 target.

    Doesn’t that demolish your argument just a teensy bit?

  31. Every business man/woman I’ve ever known has worked through vacation. It’s a standard complaint of the successful executive’s family.

    But I actually think Obama is on vacation. Which is very funny. He is clueless.

  32. Patty

    You never thanked me when I educated you about Ahnold taking on the unions until the voters defeated the referendums that he supported.

    Why not thank me now for my magnificent elucidations on recent California history. A small cash gift would not be out of the question.

  33. Why should we risk what some private airline wishes to consider an acceptable level of security. We’ll have days on our hands that make 9/11 look like a cakewalk.

  34. Phantom: slogans? you always say this as an ending to an argument you can’t win. Instead of riding your high horse around why not use a little thought?

    Give me one example – please – where government performs better than private industry. Can you?

    I can think of one – and only one instance – and for very specific reasons – but I’ll let you see if you can think the issue through and perhaps come up with it.

  35. i already gave you the example.

    El Al is unviersally acknowledged to be the airline with the tightest security. These procedures were established at a time when it was owned by the Israeli govt

  36. Patty

    So I guess you would conclude that virtually everything President Bush did post 9/11 , Guantanamo, the Patriot Act, Homeland security, border security measures, etc etc. was nothing but a useless Govt. interference in the private sectors inately superior ability to stop terrorism ?

  37. I gave you a link to the story Patty

    I think that you should let mahons and I give you a seminar on California history and politics.

    But first, send money. I needs me a retainer

  38. Mahons: "Why should we risk what some private airline wishes to consider an acceptable level of security"

    You are aware that a terrorist was able to board and ignite an explosive substance on an airplane over Christmas?

    It is only luck that saved the passengers – not security. It can’t get any worse.

  39. Mahons.

    We don’t need imaginary things like minority report. We know who the enemies are and right now our troops are in the main region.

    Bomb Irans oil fields and refinery first, then if they don’t comply bomb every suspected uranium enrichment site even those under childrens hospitals.

  40. You know nothing about Arnold or California, Phantom, if you think Arnold "took on the unions."

    Nothing has changed here – the Unions have not budged one iota regarding benefit packages that are bleeding the state dry. We are still going bankrupt – and now Arnold, who recently kissed ass with Obama by applauding Obama’s efforts in Copenhagen (gag) is appealing to the Federal Govt. for some bailout money.

    So, you – Phantom – might be paying for my state bailout!! Work harder, Phantom! Because California needs your money!

  41. Your fellow Californians defeated the referendums that would have reined in the unions.

    Presumably the righties in the Golden State were at the spa, or were blogging, on Election Day.

    You got out-organized.

  42. Troll – Bombing Iran’s oil fields would not do too much damage to a terrorist from Nigeria. I see your geography rivals your spelling.

    Patty – The fact that the terrorist made an attempt does not mean less regulation would be better. On the contrary, it demonstrates the need for tightening those regulations.

    Oh and we’ve doen the government v. private dance before, were you’ve been reminded that public libraries, fire departments, police departments, the military, the FAA, the FDIC, the DMV, the Postal Service, Building Codes, NASA, Center For Disease Control etc all outshine their hypothetical private conterparts – unless you are going to claim a private company has landed on the moon, provided school lunches or insured the private acoounts in banks.

  43. We need both private and public sectors, often working closely together for a common goal.

    Most of us realize that.

    It is not " either or " nor has it ever been.

  44. Phantom:

    According to you: Arnold came into office, heroically "took on the Unions" by offering California voters some referendums. Sadly, the stupid voters were outmaneuvered, and Arnold’s heroic referendums were defeated — and now the state is bankrupt.


    Without going into too much detail, let me say that this is an oversimplification, and a mischaracterization. Arnold is not the Union buster you seem to think he is.

  45. Well he tried to do something and the California voters kicked his ass. He saw which way the wind was blowing, and stopped supporting labor change.

    You guys didn’t show up at the polls. Don’t blame Arnold for that

  46. But then, Phantom, you seem to think that Palin is stupid. And clearly, she is not.

    The fact that you buy Arnold’s press releases full hog does not surprise me much.

  47. Patty, I know you are fighting several battles this evening but would you like to answer my earlier comment to you on George Bush’s ‘interference’.

  48. I read the news, not the press releases. I heard him speaking, and I remember the vote, and I remember the analysis of the vote. Perhaps you were blogging against government instead of voting when all this was going on. You let the unions run wild in your own backyard!!

    And I’ve substantially said that Palin is provincial. limited, unprepared. I don’t recall saying that she was stupid. Now about those who would like to see her leading the free world, perhaps they can wear that description with pride.

  49. Colm: "So I guess you would conclude that virtually everything President Bush did post 9/11 , Guantanamo, the Patriot Act, Homeland security, border security measures, etc etc. was nothing but a useless Govt. interference in the private sectors inately superior ability to stop terrorism ?"

    No, of course not. Briefly, here’s what I think about the Bush Administration’s efforts:

    War in Iraq – This war focused the fight abroad and kept it from our shores.

    Gitmo – this prison is a well designed holding tank for terrorists taken from the battle field and should not be closed.

    Border security – Bush did not do well on border security – witness the highly porous Mexican/American border where anything can cross. Bush was always an open border – pro-amnesty guy and I strongly disagreed with him, with McCain, and with many other Republicans on this issue.

    Homeland Security – seems to be an enormous worthless bureaucratic mess, frankly.

    Patriot Act – would have to look at piece by piece – but I do agree with the wire tapping of suspected terrorist and I think it kept us safe.

    The BUsh Administration was better than the Obama Administration regarding terrorism (at least they had a post 9/11 mindset and recognized the war) Obama and Co. seem to have a pre 9/11 mindset and they are determined to treat islamic terrorism as a criminal act, not as an act of war.

    In my view, CAIR is catered to and radical mosques are left open due to political correctness and this is a serious mistake. This is a Bush failure, and now an Obama failure.

    I have to run – but I think the failure of the TSA is obvious – in this instance, government fails entirely. And I think private industry would be superior.

  50. "I do agree with the wire tapping of suspected terrorist and I think it kept us safe."

    So it is alright to contradict the Constitution if the Government of the day believe it to be in the common interest? Welcome to the Dark Side, Patty. Does Troll know of your conversion to Marxism?

  51. First of all Mahons, public libraries, the FAA, the FDIC, the DMV, the Postal Service, Building Codes, NASA, Center For Disease Control etc all outshine their hypothetical private conterparts. NO THEY DON’T, all those are either failed or bankrupt agencies.

    fire departments, police departments, the military The First two are NOT Federal they are local and Police Departments financialy are a mess.

    The Military is the Military and a complete different topic and subject.

    As for my geography being as bad as my spelling, no your comprehension is as bad as my spelling. The only way to defeat terror is with terror. If we destroy Iran and don’t back down the rest of the terrorist world will fall inline.

    We defeated the old Soviet Union because Reagan escalated instead of retreating. All that advance has been lost in the past 20yrs because we have retreated.

  52. I just love your desire to carpet bomb almost every country on earth.. with the possible exception of Belgium, and that’s probably only because you can’t be bothered about Belgium 😉

  53. no it must be either I enjoy the comedy it produces or the fact that my last name is Belgium. I have to concede it’s more for it’s production of political comedy

  54. My Father was 99% Irish and 1% Belgium my last name is a very common name in Belgium. The Political comedy is produced by the actions and the behavior of the EU central commitee which is in Belgium, Aint it? or did they move?

  55. Ah now I get it.. . although how can someone be 1% Belgian. Did your parents concieve you on a plane, and the foreplay started as they flew over Brussells 😉

  56. Whatever the rights and wrongs of him being away. How is he Absent Without Leave? Whose permission does he need to go away?

    The title of this thread gave me the image of Obama sneaking off and hoping no one found out. Like he was mitching off school and would be in such trouble if spotted by a prefect!!!

  57. Things like libraries and the post office provide invaluable services that the private sector can’t match.

    A poor kid can check out a quality book for free at the library and be exposed to the wider world. I see this, at libraries near me. Some years ago, I was one of those kids. Can you name a great country that does not have good public libraries? Neither can I.

    The Post Office, for all the whacks it takes, can take a letter from New York to Honolulu for 39 cents in a few days. That’s not bad, and many people still need that service. They have severe challenges from technology and electronic bill pay, but the Post Office – as created by the Founding Fathers who some here claim to worship – is still invaluable. If you need proof of this, try to start a rumor that your local branch will close. There was a rumor that the small post office near me would close this past August – it was a big story locally – and it was retained.


    I just finished a great article about former NY and more recently Los Angeles Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. He, with Giuliani, drove permanent reductions in crime in New York City, and then, son of a bitch, did a very similar thing in Los Angeles. This super smart Boston Irishman, who does not suffer from insufficient ego, shares the feeling that Dept of Homeland Security is too big and bureaucratic. He’d break it up. He says so in the article. But he does not propose the government abandoning the function of aviation security for a balkanized private catch as catch can approach.

    Patty and Troll, the best leaders of private business would I think all be strong supporters of great, fully funded, fully accountable public schools, public libraries, public health, and many other public services. The debate is not between all public and all private. That’s simplistic. Lets be smarter than that.

  58. Phantom the post office is bankrupt, public schools in the big cities recieve $11,000 a year per student and in all the major cities the drop out rates are near 50% and the test levels of those that graduate are pathetic.

    I am not for total pritization, but I am for accountability. You know we home schooled are kids for years and they tested very high. This past two years since we moved to the hinter lands we put them in school and they are being taught Global Warming in Social studies, and this is in a catholic school.

    The police in the major cities do a great job with the resources that they have. The police and the military are two areas that I don’t care if we have to deficit spend to give them what they need. Remember I am the first in four generations of my family that is not a cop.

    Govt run agencies by their nature are inefficiant

  59. I am all for challenging the public schools, experimenting with charters, etc etc etc.

    And I agree that government tends to corruption and waste and stupidity. But so does private industry. The collapse of the world economy was predominantly the fault of the smartass sons of bitches at AIG Financial Products, Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Scotland, all these geniuses who didn’t want gummint regulating nuttin’. And they didn’t know what they were doing half the time, and were lying to employees, management, shareholders and counterparties the other half the time, and they came very close to impoverishing everyone here about a year ago.

    I tilt private big time, but I think that both private industry and the government have inherent conflicts that are impossible to eliminate. We need to hold both accountable, bro.

    Will disappear soon. This is my busy season, and tomorrow is an early day, though the cold winds will be howling.

  60. "Private airlines should be responsible for their own security and screening. Very quickly airlines that don’t screen properly will go out of business"

    Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy:


    The good libertarian relies on the free market to solve problems on its own. Take a couple of hamburger chains, for instance. The one that makes bad food will go out of business. Customers won’t eat there! Thus the market, left alone, will punish those who fail to provide what people want. How cute. Let’s leave the airline industry alone – bust the unions, abandon all regulation, let the market set whatever wage it will, let the pilots be on for 36 hours at a crack – and let the same process go to work. Markets will force airlines to keep their planes safe, otherwise no one will pay to fly with them!

    In order for the market to punish the backsliders, consumers must be made aware that Airline X is unsafe. Since we don’t have regulations and inspections, how will we know? Well, look up. We will know which airlines shirk on maintenance and safety when we see their planes plunging out of the sky. Here’s where my Mises Institute friends come in.

    As market acolytes, I believe that they should volunteer to be on the plane(s) that serve the purpose of communicating this essential information to all of us. In the airline industry, the market’s way of telling us who is inferior involves a lot of people dying. The system works really well – let airlines be, see who fails, and punish them with one’s wallet – for everyone except the people on the plane.

    Inasmuch as I do not think that uncontrolled flight into terrain at 500 mph is a worthy sacrifice for the glories and benefits of unchained race-to-the-bottom capitalism, I am a liberal. Inasmuch as I don’t want to eat the BSE- and e.coli-laced hamburger that tells us which meat processor is shirking, I’m a liberal. Inasmuch as I don’t want to be the person working in a garment factory for 75 cents per hour when wages devolve to “what the market will bear,” I’m liberal. Inasmuch as I don’t want my dad to be the guy in the coal mine that the defunded Mine Safety & Health Administration hasn’t inspected in 6 years, I’m a liberal. Inasmuch as I care more about you not getting injured at work than about the effect of workplace safety on your boss’s bottom line, I’m a liberal. Inasmuch as I don’t want a terrorist bomb to explode underneath my seat right now because Milton Friedman says the TSA’s should be auctioned off to some politically-connected mall security guard outfit, I’m a liberal.


  61. Great excerpt, Frank. I think we should use it as a diving board for another discussion on govt v private industry, in general (removing the particulars of Obama v Bush).

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