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cowardly-Lion-sm.jpgThe Democratic Unionist Party will elect a new leader next week, it has emerged. A successor to Ian Paisley will be chosen in a two-phase process.Members of the DUP Assembly Group will vote for the new leader first at their weekly meeting at Stormont on Monday.Their recommendation for leader will then have to be ratified at a meeting of the party’s executive on Thursday next week.

OK – we all know this is not going to be an election, it is going to be the coronation of Peter "the Punt" Robinson, the long time sorcerer’s apprentice. Nigel Dodds will become Deputy Leader, doves will descend from on-high and the people will cheer. Or so the DUP publicity machine will put it. However, I think it more fun to speculate on who would be a more amusing leader. I favour the Culture Minister, Edwin Poots, because he looks like a Vulcan and has a similar grasp of the English language. I then think that Sammy Wilson should be Deputy Leader – after all  a man who is prepared to embrace naturism is man who clearly has little to hide. So that’s my dream ticket – Eddie and Sammy – the men who can turn the other cheek. 

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  1. Is this why we are all awaiting Robinson scrapping the ridiculous Maze stadium nonsense?…in fact, is this why we are all waiting anything happening?

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