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Is being in the Coalition government good for your political health?

Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats are facing meltdown with seven out of ten supporters abandoning the party – and one of his own MPs warning he has lost a generation of young voters. With just two weeks to go until the local elections on May 5, a poll shows that 70 per cent of people who previously supported the Lib Dems – a total of 4.7million  voters – no longer intend backing them again. Last night Peter Kellner of YouGov, who carried out the poll for Prospect Magazine, said: ‘Unless Nick Clegg can secure a new tranche of votes, from the centre and right-of-centre, his party seems doomed to suffer – certainly for as long as it is in coalition with the Conservatives.’

As I recall, Kellner has been “close” to Labour so perhaps we take his comments with a pinch of salt BUT it does seem like there will be a substantial loss of support for the Liberal-Democrats. Do they deserve it?

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8 thoughts on “THE END FOR THE LIB-DEMS….?

  1. “As I recall, Kellner has been “close” to Labour…”

    As in married to Labour placeman and overpromoted nonentity “Baroness” Ashton? Yep, that’d count as “close”. In a horrible mental image sort of way.

  2. To be fair it relatively backed up in all the polls. A 70% reduction would be a drop from 24% to about 7%. Most of the polls have the Lib Dems in and around 9%. That would be closer to a 60% drop than 70% but it is still relatively close.

  3. Interesting. It seems to indicate (to me, at least) that a large proportion of Lib-Dem voters were natural Labour supporters who only switched to voting LD because of, say, the Iraq issue.
    If (big ‘if’) the coalition govt lasts its full 5 year term, and if the electorate’s voting intentions stay the same as they are now, then I can see the Lib-Dems and Conservatives forming a permanent merger. Unless the AV referendum result is ‘yes’, I suppose.

  4. Oops, sorry, I forgot to give my answer to your question ‘do they deserve it’: No, I don’t think so. I think the Lib-Dems are doing fairly OK in government, so far. Being in coalition has got to be a positive thing from their POV, as it (a) gives them a chance to experience how being in office really works, and (b) allows them to put the reins on any potentially awful policies the Conservatives might want to put in place.

  5. In 1979 the Liberals got 13%. In 1983 the Alliance got 25%. The Lib Dems have always had a large amount of their vote come from disgruntled Labour supporters.

  6. It’s hard to tell Ross. They would have taken the natural hit that any government would have. But the majority of the people who voted Liberal Democrat were left wing, students etc. So for the Lib Dems to prop up a right wing government would have hit them harder than the same for a left wing government.

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