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As David posts below, the Turkish political leaders speak only what is in their minds, exactly as Adolf did when he wrote ‘Mein Kampf’. Everything which happened during the Third Reich’s reign of terror was foretold within the pages of that turgid book. Unfortunately, that particular work of evil desire is banned in Germany, and less than welcome on the bookshelves of many other States in Europe. It is indeed a pity that there are not similar books about the Turkish State, but there is an expose of of its leading religion, as can be seen if you so wish to visit this page.

Many ATW readers might be aware, somewhere tucked safely away in the recesses of their minds, that our supra-national Government, the European Federal State has invited Turkey, a nation of some 95 million people, all Muslim, to join with us in the E.U. merry-go-round. I am happy to state that it won’t happen tomorrow, there are too many things which the EU bureaucrats know will not be accepted by Germany, and France, Austria and finally Cyprus. But the negotiations plough on, in seventeen different languages of course, and sooner orr later, Turkey will ‘give ground’, or one of the defiant nations which are so alarmed at the closing in of the Accession Date will move a stance from stating ‘No’ to saying ‘Maybe’, and very soon after that we will have 95 million more Muslims on our doorstep, and we all know how porous that barrier is!

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  1. It is quite a frightening prospect. I would prefer the UK to pull out of the EU Federal State altogether and let them get on with it.

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